Last week we celebrated the arrival of spring by sprucing up your outdoor living space. Our goal is to help you achieve an outdoor living space that is functional, comfortable and reflective of your personal style. We shared some great ideas on how to furnish your outdoor space in style and how to narrow down the best shading options for your space.  This week we are letting the sun set on your backyard so that we can experience your outdoor space in a whole new light.

There is something magical that happens to my backyard during the twilight hours of springtime sunsets. With the right lighting fixtures, we can extend that magical feeling well into the evening hours and really make the most out of our outdoor living spaces. The Rain chandelier is a smaller version of the Desert Rain fixture pictured above. In addition to being a gorgeous light source and conversation piece, it is also a wind chime.  See more of our favorite outdoor chandeliers and sconces here. If your outdoor space takes a beating from the storms, consider electrical-free lighting options, like weather resistant flameless candles. Pictured below is the Altar from Kevin Reilly Lighting, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Celebrate Earth Day this year by replacing your high voltage outdoor lighting with solar powered fixtures. With solar powered light fixtures becoming more popular and affordable, the design styles are endless! From chandeliers and pendants to in-ground and deck lighting, your entire backyard can be illuminated without ever increasing your electricity bill. Stringed lights are also a very popular way to add ambiance to your outdoor area. I found this set of nine weather resistant solar powered hanging cornet pendants for $130 on Amazon!

From painting individual rocks or stepping stones to large terracotta planters,  outdoor glow in the dark paint is a really fun and inexpensive way to brighten up your outdoor space.

Glow in the dark paint has so many uses–like giving your house the most talked about curb appeal on the block! The geniuses at Proteq have created Starpath, a spray material enriched with luminous particles that can be applied to any pavement surface.

We have tons more ideas on how you can illuminate your outdoor living space on our Pinterest Page! For even more great examples of outdoor light fixtures, check out our Houzz Ideabook below:

We share designs that inspire us in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to make the changes in your home that you dream of. If you need help making these changes come to life, contact the interior design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. for a complimentary design consultation. From selecting the perfect paint color to creating custom furniture and draperies to masterminding an entirely new floor plan, we do it all, big and small. Contact us today!