So I have to start this week’s blog with a bit of a sad story. I had this antique iron bed in my guest room that is over 100 years old that collapsed for the (sniffle) last time. Whether it was from sheer exhaustion or old age, I’m not sure – but it had been repaired enough times in the past that it was simply time to put it out to pasture once and for all before someone got hurt. As I stood there saying my last goodbyes to my beloved bed (it really was fabulous!) it occurred to me that I now had the opportunity to put a new bed in there and I felt the spark of excitement begin moving through my veins. With the myriad of choices that are out there, my mind began to race… should I do iron again, or how about wood? Perhaps a combination of materials or maybe just a headboard. What about the style? Should it be contemporary, traditional, modern or maybe a combination? You’d be amazed at how a simple bed change can impact a room. If you’re looking to change things up in the bedroom and want to phase in pieces to minimalize impact on your budget, my advice is to start with your bed or bedding.

I decided to seize the opportunity and chose a gorgeous upholstered bed (you’ll see which one below) and I can’t wait for it to arrive. While I was trying to choose the perfect bed, I came across some really wonderful upholstered beds that I would like to share with you. Upholstery just adds that “custom” feel to a bed that I just adore and paired with the right bedding can make it absolutely stunning!

Winged Upholstered Bed from Hickory White

If Sleep Had Angel Wings…
It would look like this gorgeous bed from Hickory White. It just happens to be the very bed I chose to replace the one that collapsed in my guest room. If you click on the link you can see the pictures from an angle that makes the distinctive “wings” on the sides of the headboard really pop. If I were to choose a word to repeat over and over about this bed it would be FABULOUS!

Upholstered Farmhouse Bed from Stanley Furniture
The High Point at Market

I fell in love with this bed when I went to High Point Market this year. It blends the best of both worlds with a mix of materials: wood and gorgeous linen. Combined with the jaw-dropping new “blonde” finish from Stanley, this bed will make you look so lovely you may want to stay in there forever.

Lisbon Bed from Brownstone Furniture
Sleek and Elegant

The classic combination of sumptuous leather and polished dark wood lends a classic elegance to this bold bedroom. Combined with a soft and textured bedding it transforms the bedroom into a delightful smorgasbord of materials that delight the senses!

Upholstered Bed from Baker Furniture's Milling Collection
Upholstered Headboard
Pretty tufts and perfect pleats make up the finely upholstered headboard and footboard for this beautiful French inspired bed. One of the trends I’ve seen this year that I mentioned in my blog from High Point Market is the re-emergence of linen. I just love the effect when it’s combined with the beautiful wood and the unique curvy lines of this bed.

Upholstered Scilly Bed from Usona
A Modern Take
A larger than life headboard more your style? You can make a bold statement with an expanse of quilted fabric in a funky and modern platform bed like this one that you can get with or without the wall sconces!

Upholstered Sleigh Bed from Zgallerie
Let’s Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling…
Winter and snow may not be here just yet but this completely fabric covered sleigh bed makes me think warm and cozy thoughts… in fact… yawn… I could really use a snooze in one of these right now.

Upholstered Twinkle Bed from Neiman Marcus
Pretty Patterns
At first glance you might think this headboard had a printed pattern on it but it’s actually upholstered fabric in a fantastic geometric pattern. If you go with something so bold, make sure to keep your bed linens simple so they don’t take away from the styling details in the furniture.

Sometimes choosing a single piece of furniture can be difficult especially if you are trying to change things up but still make it “go” with the rest of your furnishings and accessories. If you are looking to replace any of the furniture inВ  your home or bedroom, Design Connectio, Inc. can help! We have access to several lines of furniture that you just won’t find in the retail stores and you might be surprised at the comparison in cost. Just because furniture is in a retail store, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best value. Come into our studio for a Free Interior Design consultation and we’ll be happy to show you what you’ve been missing and help you choose the perfect piece that’s guaranteed to fit your space AND your style! That’s the Design Connection, Inc. way: You Talk, We Listen, You’ll Love!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Hickory White, Stanley, Brownstone, Baker, Usona, and Zgallerie.