I gave a seminar at the Central Exchange for 50 women last week. The topic was Help, I Want to Decorate My Home, But how can I do that in today’s Economy? I gave many of the design tips I give in my blog. I had many of the women contact me to say thanks. I gave them concrete ideas and gave them much to think about. I know that we all want to make changes in our homes, but we are not sure that we can do them to the extent we would have a year ago. We can have a design plan and budget, and know which direction we want to go, and make the changes slowly. For instance, we do not have to change all the appliances at one time. We can change them slowly as they no longer work or serve us in the way we would like them to work. When we lived in Europe, the philosophy there is that you loved what you purchased and you lived with it for a long time. They purchased good quality and they were both happy and proud of what they bought. We paid cash for every purchase and therefore planned a long time ahead for every major purchase.

With my clients I would prefer to wait and have the budget and styles designed and specified and then make the purchases over a period of time. It is easy to go out and buy cheap furniture because we want it now, but it does not last and many times we realize that if we had waited and planned and saved we could have purchased what we really wanted. I remember my father saying to me “We don’t remember what the cost difference was; we remember that we didn’t get what we really wanted.”

Have a great Thanksgiving,