Natural stone countertops are an investment and also beautiful to look at. Do you know that a minor kitchen remodel gives you an 83% percent return while a major kitchen remodel may give you only 78% percent return? I suggest to many of my clients to change their countertops to granite because they are a selling tool in today’s market when selling a home.

There are three types of natural stone; granite, marble and onyx. Granite is a natural stone, and is strong durable and easy to clean. It is heat, chemical and water resistant. Marble is from shells and is considered soft and can scratch and stain. Onyx, another beautiful stone can be used as an accent to create an edge design.

I feel it is important to select and see your slabs in person. It is best to look for cracks, pits or possible areas where the stone has been filled. You can suggest that the fabricator cut around these areas if you have enough stone to work with.

Wholesalers try to sell stones that have been dyed. If this occurs, sunlight will fade the stone in a matter of months. A reliable stone dealer will make sure that their stones are without color enhancements. There are no deals in natural stones. I believe that it is best to purchase your stone tops through a company that is reputable and not selling cost as the bottom line. Stone is a large investment and to pay a little more for quality is the best in the long run.