Traditionally ottomans are associated with chairs, as a place to rest your feet.

But they can be so much more than that!

They can be the finishing touch to make a bedroom sitting nook very, very elegant.

They can make fire-side seating cozier than ever…

Ottomans make stylish and functional substitutes for living room tables.

Here is a smaller sized ottoman as a side table

C.R. Laine Showroom Image

And here is a larger ottoman used as a coffee table. We often cover them in vinyl for a durable and stain resistant surface.

An ottoman can also be on casters and be moved around the room as needed

C.R. Laine Showroom Image

20 inch square ottomans are very popular right now. This is a beautiful and fun example of how pouf ottomans can be used as kid sized chairs.

Lastly, I wanted to share the history behind the super trendy and fabulous rug ottomans that were debuted at High Point earlier this year by C.R. Laine Furniture.

In parts of Turkey, it is a tradition for young girls to create a collection of items that will be useful in their future homes. Their “ceyiz”, or dowry, will most often include hand woven kilim rugs.

A young girl learns the craft by working beside her mother, her sisters, and the other women of the village. As the girls grow up, they move through the village, visiting and weaving their rugs. Often times, motifs and symbols are woven into the patterns as a record of the friendships and events of the young girl’s childhood.

Thanks to local Turkish rug enthusiasts, antique dowry rugs are now being sold stateside. These rugs, most over 40 years old, are cleaned and laid across the Turkish countryside to dry before being shipped. Each rug is a one-of-kind, hand woven work of art. Using these rugs to upholster ottomans and even throw pillows is a unique way to preserve such a special tradition and bring these beautiful accents into one’s home.
How cool are these?! We just love them and know why they completely sold out at High Point! They are just gorgeous!