It all started when Mom and Dad gave you the old couch when you got out of college. Sure, it didn’t really go with anything but it was a place to sit and of course you were grateful to have any furniture at all. Fast forward to the present and you realize that you’re still hanging onto that old couch, that old kitchen table, recliner or other piece of sentimental furniture because you just don’t have the heart to let it go.

Untitled-1With the last week of the year, and one that was especially challenging for most of us, I think it’s a great time to take a look at your surroundings and reassess things in order to gear up for the new year. It’s a clean slate and many of us are looking for 2010 to be an uplifting and “better” year than 2009 with jobs, economy and quality of life. If you head to your local bookstore, you’d be amazed and the many offerings of books to help you attract abundance or learn the art of positive thinking in order to improve your lot in life. Your surroundings play a major role in your personal sense of well being and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably agree that when you love your surroundings or your home, you simply feel better and can take on the world! If you’ve heard of Feng Shui, it is all about creating harmonious spaces geared specifically toward helping you achieve a better life and success in your work and relationships. I truly believe that having a space that makes you feel fantastic can have an incredible impact on the other areas of your life.

So in an effort to close out 2009 on a positive note, I am going to say it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. If you can’t afford to get rid of that ugly old couch and splurge on a new one, look into updating the look with a great slipcover and some throw pillows. You’d be amazed at how it can transform a room AND your attitude. You can refinish that table or donate pieces to your local goodwill. When you let go of the old, you open yourself up to attracting the new, which is probably just what you need! Here’s wishing all of our clients, friends, fans and family a wonderful, harmonious and prosperous New Year. We are welcoming prosperity, balance, love and joy in 2010 and we hope you will too!