Spring is officially here. I only know this because I saw my next door neighbors over the weekend. Having not seen them since the beginning of December, I was beginning to think they up and moved to Florida. But there they were, getting a head start on their backyard landscaping. Only when they started uncovering the patio furniture did I realize that spring actually IS here!

Did you hear that, Kansas City? Spring is here!

Now is the time to increase your home’s square footage by establishing an outdoor living space. No matter your personal style, the size of your outdoor space or the size of your budget, our simple list of must-have elements will help you create the green room of your dreams.


Having a comfortable place in the shade is imperative. It may be spring now, but the summer sun will soon be beating down on us. In order to make the most of your space, decide how you want to provide shade to your space before you start making your seating arrangements. If you have a small patio or deck, sometimes all you need is a market umbrella. Shop around-It’s amazing the deals you can find this time of year! This 9’ solar-powered LED patio umbrella is only $69.97 on Amazon. No batteries, no cords, free light!

If you don’t have a covered patio, install sun shades or a retractable awning for a stylish and functional way to give your outdoor space instant shade. You will see a reduction in your home’s cooling costs by using a shade or awning; it will also prevent the fading of your interior furnishings. Win-win!

Search for a well-known and respected company like Shade Tree Canopies, whose awning fabrics are guaranteed, fade resistant and patented with built-in awning wind protection. They also have a great photo gallery full of different ideas, designs and styles that will definitely be worth a click from your mouse, especially if you are thinking of incorporating a pergola into your backyard design.


There are SO MANY options for outdoor seating. Where does one begin??? Why, on our Outdoor Living Houzz Ideabook, of course! From a small bistro set to full-scale outdoor dining rooms, you are sure to find the perfect size and style furniture to complete the look of your outdoor living space.


You’ve got shade and you’ve got a comfy spot to relax; now we just need to jazz things up with your personal design style. The easiest way to add color and comfort to your outdoor space is with pillows and cushions.We have come a long way in in terms fabric manufacturing. Companies like Crypton are sharing their engineered super-fabric which is permanently stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant. In addition to resisting fading from the sun, it is also the only non-porous, anti-microbial, Greenguard certified fabric on the market. What started out as stylish and functional dog bedding and blankets has exploded into a fabric revolution. Sofas and chairs, window treatments, bedding, carpet, and now, outdoor furniture will never be the same!

Crypton fabrics aren’t available at your local fabric or furniture store, but they are available to Design Connection, Inc.! If you would like to furnish your indoor or outdoor space with this fabric, contact our design pros for more information. There are other well-regarded companies with great choices of outdoor fabrics, cushions and upholstery, like Sunbrella, pictured below.

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be wicker, wooden or have bright summery colors in order to be functional, stylish and current. Give your backyard deck a modern look with a mid century twist like this gorgeous outdoor sofa by Link Outdoor. For even more furniture styles, color schemes and design inspiration, stop by our Outdoor Living Pinterest board.

We share designs that inspire us in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to make the changes in your home that you dream of. If you need help making these changes come to life, contact the interior design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. for a complimentary design consultation. From selecting the perfect paint color to creating custom furniture and draperies to masterminding an entirely new floor plan, we do it all, big and small. Contact us today!