One of my favorite things about December is checking the mail. Boxes from Amazon, Christmas cards stuffed with family newsletters and of course, my favorite: Photos! But this year is different. Only a few Christmas cards have arrived; no newsletters and just a couple family photos. It seems the tradition of sending yuletide greetings has shifted from mailing to sharing through social media and email. Don’t get me wrong-I love the conveniences of modern communication, but I MISS MY PHOTOGRAPHS! When we brag about our beautiful families, do we pull out our wallet? No! We grab our smartphones start scrollin.
As I display my dwindling collection of this year’s Christmas cards and photographs, I am reminded of a recent conversation with one of my dear friends in Kansas City. She has a large, close-knit family, yet there are no pictures of them displayed in her home. When I mentioned this observation to her, she replied, “Picture frames are just one more thing I’d have to dust.” She then clicked a remote control and her pictures came to life in a beautiful, digital montage.

I love this concept! My family that lives on the East Coast can send new photos directly to my digital picture frame without me having to click on anything! But with so many different sizes, styles, features and price points available in a digital photo frame, finding the perfect frame can take some time. can help narrow down your choices with their detailed descriptions, pictures and reviews.

As much as I love the digital age, I am a traditional girl at heart. I love actual pictures framed in my home and I love looking at the photos displayed in the homes I visit. But tastefully incorporating your favorite photos in your home’s décor can be tricky!  We’ve got some great ideas that will help you tackle your photo-framing fears and find the perfect place to hang your pics.

Space planning is the key to great interior design.  Save yourself time and frustration by avoiding the “trial and error” approach when hanging your photo wall or collage. Lay it out first!

Template Picture Wall From Our Interior Design Blog at Design Connection Inc Kansas City
Measure twice, hammer once! Photo Source: SasInteriors

If you like the look of a photo wall but you’re not sure where to start, this gallery of photo wall layouts should give you a little inspiration.

While life and work can be stressful, the photos in your office space can become silent motivators. Adorning your walls with images of your life’s passions, like your family or your last tropical vacation, can provide a calming backdrop in which to work while reminding you of why you’re working so hard.

Office Photo Wall From our Interior Design Blog at Design Connection Inc Kansas City
If your home office is part of an open floor plan like this design by Katie Denham, adding a creative photo wall can help define the space. Photo Source: Houzz

Does the layout of your home include a half wall? Sometimes half walls, or “pony walls”, (I like to call them “donkey walls”) are put in place for structural reasons and can be a bit stubborn when attempting to design around them. Who knew framed pictures could make a donkey wall such a beautiful focal point?

Pony Wall Photo Frames From Our Interior Design Blog at Design Connection inc Kansas City
This custom photo structure makes this space picture perfect. Photo Source: Pinterest

I love seeing framed pictures hung creative ways, like as a focal point in a bedroom above a simple headboard.  Because this picture frame layout is a focal point in the room, you can easily tie the colors of the room together when selecting the background colors for your matted frames.

Headboard Picture Frames From Our Interior Design Blog at Design Connection Inc Kansas City
You really can’t go wrong with classic white; it goes with everything! Photo Source: Houzz
Recycled Window Picture Frame from our Interior Design Blog at Design Connection Inc Kansas City
This recycled window photo frame idea is a beginning DIY-er’s dream. Photo Source: Pinterest

Framed artwork can really set the tone of a room. What better way to display your treasures, paintings and prints than in your very own living room art gallery!

Artwork Picture Frames From Our interior Design Blog at Design Connection inc Kansas City
Photo Source: K2 Design

You can find even more of our amazing ideas on how to incorporate your favorite pictures within your existing home décor on our Pinterest page. The design pros at Design Connection, Inc. share design inspiration, tips, ideas, trends and give interior design advice. That’s right, we give advice on! Just post a pic with your design dilemma on our Houzz, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter! For in-person design advice, stop by our studio for a complimentary design consultation. From helping you space plan your photo wall to creating custom furniture to masterminding an entirely new floor plan, we do it all, big and small. Contact us today!