They adorn our sofas, chairs and occasionally the floor. The little accessory that can transform blah to brilliant in a matter of seconds. What am I thinking of? Pillows, of course. Glorious, fluffy, fabulous pillows! After last week’s blog post on blending animal elements into your interior design I was so inspired by the little animal throw pillows that I decided this week I would dedicate an entire blog to the wonderful world of pillows. I have a collection of fantastic throw pillows on my sofas, chairs and beds that I swap out when the mood strikes that not only add color but comfort to the rooms they adorn. The thing I love about them is whether you do a few or a bunch, they are the one accessory that people will actually use. For a night watching TV, a throw pillow might go behind my head, under my feet or along the back of the sofa for me to lean on as I watch my favorite shows. When friends come to visit, I love to see them grab a throw pillow or two and get comfortable as I do when we settle in for a chat. It just goes to show that while they aren’t the accessory most people spend time thinking about, it is definitely one that can be pretty AND practical. Here are some of my ideas for how you can play with pillows to have a little fun with your home decor. Read on dear ones!

Geeks Need Pillows Too
I got a chuckle out of these social and technology icon pillows. For all the time I spend on Facebook and Twitter, you’d think I’d be tired of seeing their logos but somehow they have become a part of my daily life and seeing them in pillow form just seems cozy. If you have friends or family who love technology and geeky things, these pillows would be a perfect gift!

Floral Throw Pillows from Zgallerie

Fabulously Flowery
If you have a thing for florals, you’re definitely in luck with throw pillows. From textured to tapestry, there is a wealth of gorgeous pillows in bloom that will revive both you and your furniture!

Pillow Sofa from Christiane Hoegner

Pillows Galore!
Taking the throw pillow to the ultimate extreme is the pillow couch. Can you imagine how comfy it would be to sink into this at the end of a long day? I would likely stay put for quite a while…ahhhhhh.

Floor Pillows from World Market

Extra Seating in a Pinch
Not just for your sofa or chairs anymore. Floor pillows have gained popularity as a fun and easy way to create extra and comfortable seating for friends and family. On game night cozy up around the coffee table for a game of scrabble or toss a few around that people can grab to lounge on the floor during movie night!

Luxury throw pillows form Neiman MarcusFit for Royalty
If you’re looking for adding that pampered touch to your decor, look for pillows made with exquisite textiles and trim. With luxurious throw pillows like these, you can indulge in the feel of sumptuous velvet and silk with hand-painted designs to instantly elevate the status of any furniture you choose to embellish with these.

Recycled burlap pillows from Aidan GrayRecycled Comfort
Think green! Now more than ever, there are options galore if you want to make your pillow choices earth friendly. Whether it’s recycled materials like sailcloth or burlap, or organic linens and filling you can easily find gorgeous pillows like these that you can feel really good about.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to look around and update your interior decor with some fun and funky throw pillows before you are inundated with guests this holiday season. Decorative throw pillows can range in price from inexpensive to pricey depending on where you buy and the type of pillow you choose. Even if you are on a limited budget, there are plenty of places where you can find inexpensive and stylish throw pillows and the great thing about them is that you can replace them easily as they wear out or as you tire of looking at them. As I finish my blog with my feet propped up on a throw pillow my fondest wish is for you to end your day similarly comfortable and content! If you need help finding the perfect throw pillows and you just can’t stomach the thought of doing it on your own, never fear, the Design Connection, Inc. Team is here to help. Take advantage of our complimentary in-studio interior design consultation and take a step toward a fresh new look for your home this fall!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Craftsquatch, Zgallerie, Christiane Hoegner, World Market, Neiman Marcus, and Layla Grace.