What are the top interior design trends for 2016? We’re sharing the hottest home decor ideas and emerging interior design trends that are going to be huge this year. Take a look! 

As a designer, the best part about living in Kansas City is that we are literally in the middle of the country. As different trends develop on the East and West Coasts, they migrate across the country and meet in the middle—Kansas City is always in fashion and on trend! Every year I travel the best furniture markets in America, from the fall High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina to the Las Vegas and the Los Angeles Furniture Markets in the West. During these travels and shopping excursions I usually find that “perfect piece” for a current project and I have a blast discovering the different up-and-coming design trends from coast to coast.

Mixing Organic Materials, Shapes & Textures

Reclaimed wood, slab tables and live-edge countertops bring a sense of rustic-earthiness and natural beauty to any space. A gorgeous big ol’ hunk of wood furniture like this table from Bruce Palmer Coastal Design will look natural and properly placed in just about any style-setting, be it modern with sleek metals, industrial and rustic, or bright and airy with neutral linens and transitional seating.

Home decor that features reclaimed barn wood is rising in popularity; so much so that tile manufacturers have taken note, producing realistic reclaimed wood-look porcelain tile slats. See more of our 2016 Tile Trend Predictions here.

Old Barn Wood Porcelain Tile Kansas City Interior DesignerMy ABSOLUTE FAVORITE design discovery for 2016 is the amazing company Rustic Grain Reclaimed Wood. Not only do they make unbelievably beautiful and unique handcrafted furniture from locally sourced reclaimed wood, they prove that “every piece has a story to tell” by providing you with that story. Each item of furniture is adorned with a brass tag and serial number specific to that piece; their website allows you to learn about the history of your piece and read production notes on how that item was made. Not only can you see the specific date and location of origin, you can see pictures of the original structure as well! 

Dining Table Rustic Grain 2016 Interior Design Trends Kansas City


Metallic & Shiny Geometrics

The geometric patterns that have proven to be a style trend with staying power are getting more glamorous and glitzier as this fashion craze evolves. Expect more metallic prints and fabrics that feature a little shimmer to catch your eye in this coming year. The Codarus showroom at High Point is a must-visit for me every fall; they always seem to be one step ahead of the trends AND they have the greatest fabrics and designers, like these picks from Codarus by BHD.

Gold Geometric Pillow 2016 Interior Design Trends

This trend is also moving away from the traditional symmetrical patterns we’ve been seeing and edging more towards geometric patterns with eastern influence and Moroccan flair, like these gorgeous picks from Codarus by BDB.

Codarus BHD Teal Geometric Pillow

Nature in Wallpaper

This metallic and geometric combination is also influencing the latest in wallpaper designs. This turquoise and metallic wallpaper, aptly named Fruits of Design, is the perfect example of what to expect in wallpaper trends in the next few seasons. Designer Dan Funderburgh puts a spin on the traditional Damask design by incorporating a modern approach, and of course, fruits.

Flavor Paper Metallic large print wallpaper

Expect large patterns, flowers, trees, birds, and anything Chinoiserie to be hugely popular this year. Here are a few examples from Flavor Paper:

Paradiso Fern Wallpaper TrendsWallpaper interior design trends 20162016 Interior Design Trends

Fifty Thousand Shades of Gray

Gray has been quietly inching and inching its way into our homes, offices and closets for the past few years. In 2016, gray has officially become the new black. And white. And beige. As a matter of fact, beige and gray got married and had a baby. Named Greige. Most of my interior design projects include at least one custom paint mix. I thought I was so clever coming up with the witty name of Greige to describe a paint color that we created using, you guessed it, beige and gray. Fast forward two years later and there are actual pallets and colors dedicated to this new and very hot color. This is the color swatch Mega Greige by Sherwin-Williams, followed by an example of this trending color in action.

Mega Greige SW 7031

The best thing about gray is that it goes well with just about anything! It can be used as a color to highlight with throw pillows and other accessories, it can be the key wall colors, or it can be grouped together with many different shades of gray. Here’s another great on-trend throw pillow from Codarus by BHD.

Codarus BHD Gray Geometric Pillow

I snapped this pic while at the Leeward showroom at the 2015 Fall High Point Furniture Market. I seem to always gravitate towards furniture designed by J. Black Design. This gray bedroom caught my eye and it wasn’t until after I snapped this pic that I saw that this was a J. Black Design piece, the Leeward King for Leeward Furniture by John Black.

Leeward High Point Marlet Fall 2015 a Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

Mixing Matches

One of my favorite home décor trends that I see gaining momentum this year is the grand idea that Mixing Matches. Instead of playing it safe by sticking to the same fabrics or following a strict color scheme, mix it up. While at High Point Furniture Market I snapped a few pics from one of my favorite Made-In-America furniture manufacturers, CR Laine. Upon review of my out-of-focus pics, I scoured the internet in the hopes of finding an image of one of their showrooms that highlighted this “Mixing Matches” trend. This photo from HGTV is a great example of this colorful trend that is dominating High Point this season.

2016 Interior Design Trends High Point Market

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