Not impressed at first glance? Look beyond the color swatch –we did and we REALLY fell for this color! Here are some great examples of the many ways this highly versatile hue can update and uplift your home’s décor.


When I’m designing a home, or even when I’m getting dressed in the mornings, pink has never been my go-to color.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year Coral Reef (SW 6606) Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year: Coral Reef

With that said, I LOVE this color! The color experts at Sherwin-William’s chose Coral Reef as their 2015 Color of the Year—and with good reason. This color is so flexible that it can become your design intentions. Want subtle? Coral Reef. Want dominating? Coral Reef.  Relaxing? Energizing? Coral Reef.

Robert Allen Coral Reef Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Robert Allen Coral Reef fabric collection

Inspired by our love of the tropics, the Sherwin-William’s 2015 Color Forecast included Coral Reef in their tropical Buoyant Collection.

Coral Reef Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2015 Buoyant Collection Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Buoyant Collection by Sherwin-Williams

We generally spend more time at work than we spend at home. If the colors in your work environment are lacking in luster, the Buoyant Collection may be the solution to the lively colors you’ve been missing.

When you return home from the daily grind, you will be surrounded not by colors of a concrete jungle, but by colors found in a tropical garden or lush rainforest. When used together, colors from the Buoyant Collection come alive, bringing energy to any space.

Sherwin Williams 2015 Color Forecast Buoyant
Sherwin-William’s Buoyant Collection featuring Coral Reef

When used an an accent color, Coral Reef can really pack a punch in a commanding yet effortless way. Paint a door with an accent color to easily tie in colors found in your furniture and accessories.

Coral Reef Door Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Ann Porter

Coral Reef harmonizes exceptionally well with gray tones and can be the perfect balancing color if you’re trying to achieve both a masculine and feminine feel in your master bedroom.

Coral Reef Chevron Curtains Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Decor Pad

Light greens in most shades with also pair well with Coral Reef. This bedroom update is a great example of finding the perfect balance with Chartreuse, charcoal grays and Coral Reef.  What do you think of these DIY picture frames? It’s a smart way to display your everyday jewelery while adding a pop of accent color to your space.

Coral Reef and Chartruse Bedroom 1 Design Connection Inc
Photo Source: Shanna Mailloux
Coral Reef Picture Frame Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Shanna Mailloux

Do you want to add a splash of Coral Reef to your décor? One of my favorite Made-in-America furniture and upholstery suppliers, CR Laine, is always one step ahead of the trends. They have a huge selection of fabrics that feature this gorgeous Color of the Year. See more of our favorites here!

Coral Reef CR Laine Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: CR Laine

We’re sharing even more ways to use the Color of the Year in your home decor on our Pinterest Page. With Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, you have a lot of colors and design approaches to choose from.

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