Summer is here and whether you work at home on a regular basis or find yourself taking care of tasks at home during time off or on the weekends, it’s important to have a space that functions and flows, especially if you ever want to get anything done. After last week’s post on cramming a lot of function into a small kitchen space, I received a few questions about home office spaces from some teacher friends who are “off” for the summer but end up working quite a bit from home which inspired me for this week’s post. Ready to get some work done? Don’t let the lack of space cramp your style, we’re here to inspire the office you truly desire!

Give Your Gadgets a Rest!

Tidy up those messy cables and recharge your portable devices in style on a fun and functional bed of grass. Not only does it hide cables, it cushions your electronics and might make them feel like they are on a summery vacation (plus it looks cooler than a standard charging station!)

Lax wall desk from Mash Studios

Put it on the Wall!

In a small space furniture can take up so much room so why not put it on the walls? It gets everything up neatly off the floor, creating the illusion of more room AND utilizes the space you might not use for anything other than art and accessories!

Conceal book shelf from Umbra

Got Books? Defy Gravity!

I love the idea of these fantastic and conversation starting bookshelves that convert an existing book into a shelf to make your books look like they are floating on the wall! Not only can you organize your books, they actually can become your wall art!

Wall cleat from Oboiler

Wrap it Up

Living in the electronic age means we have lots of cables and things to plug in. Don’t let your cords and cables trip you up. What to do when you’re not using them? Here is a simple and wonderful solution that makes both practical and stylish sense!

Talak LED desk lamp from Artemide

Small Footprint, Big light!

Adequate lighting doesn’t always come with the space so if you want to make sure your desk area is illuminated, look no further than a slim LED light that takes up very little space but gives off plenty of light! There are lots of designs in a multitude of colors and even clamp versions in case you’d rather hang your light from a bookshelf and keep the desk area nice and neat!

Charles Pollock chairs from Hive

So much more than Just a Chair

I am a huge fan of really good seating and task chairs in your home office is no exception, in fact it should be one of your better investments simply because if you plan to spend a lot of time working at your desk, you’ll feel better if you are comfortable (and you’ll get more work done if your neck and back don’t hurt from the strain of sitting in a bad seat!) Ergonomic task seating can be found just about anywhere and you can inject your style by choosing unique colors, finishes or upholstery to make your seat compliment your space beautifully!

Inspired yet? I have lots of space challenged clients and one of the things I’m a big believer in is space planning. Especially in smaller areas, it’s so important to lay out the room and determine where everything will go and make sure it will all fit before you ever pick up a paintbrush or start making improvements. At Design Connection, Inc. that’s one of the things we do best, helping take the challenges out of a space and creating areas that our clients can use and love for years to come. We do complimentary in-studio consultations for interior design in Kansas City, so if you are interested in some home decor one-on-one time with the Design Connection, Inc. team members, contact us today. You can either fill out the form, give us a call or come by the office to make an appointment. We would love to help your optimize your space whether it’s an office, kitchen or other room in your house, design is our passion. You talk, we listen, you’ll LOVE!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: ThinkGeek, Mash Studios, Umbra, Oboiler, Artemide and Hive.