Close your eyes and envision your home completely transformed by bamboo. A while back we wrote a popular article about bamboo floors, but that was  just about floors. Can you picture Bamboo in every room? We are so excited to share this week’s interior design blog about the possibilities of bamboo and how you can incorporate this versatile material throughout your entire home, beyond the floors.

What comes to mind when you think of bamboo? No longer limited to 70’s Asian inspired design, bamboo has come a long way in terms of modern home architecture and design. The only green product worthy of comparison to Northern Red Oak, bamboo is the most durable wood flooring on the planet. The list of advantages in choosing bamboo over traditional hardwood flooring is incredible!

Custom colored floor stains, state-of-the art UV-resistant varnishes and other finishing techniques make bamboo floors mildew and fire resistant. If you love low-maintenance floors, you’ll love bamboo since it’s virtually maintenance free. You will never have to sand, stain, varnish or seal them again. EVER. Imagine that!

Bamboo has greater tensile strength than that of steel and it withstands compression 5x stronger than concrete. Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo strives in a climate that fluctuates in extreme degrees of humidity. This natural resilience to moisture makes bamboo an ideal material for bathroom cabinetry and is a match made in heaven for radiant heated floors.

It’s True! Bamboo in the bath can be sleek AND contemporary. Source: HGTV

Another advantage in choosing bamboo for flooring and cabinetry is that is scores big in the ‘building green’ department. There is no such thing as deforestation when it comes to bamboo. While traditional hardwoods take 60+ years to regenerate, bamboo can be harvested every 5 years. No fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation is required and no replanting is needed as bamboo regenerates multiple shoots from each harvested stalk. Rapidly renewable, captivating and beautiful, you can’t get much greener than this!

In the kitchen, bamboo is rustic, contemporary and GREEN! Pebble Tile Shop
In the kitchen, bamboo is rustic, contemporary and GREEN! Photo Source: Pebble Tile Shop

Bamboo can beautify your home in many ways, not just with floors and cabinetry. You can find furniture and accent pieces to suit any style and in a variety of colors and finishes. Make a statement with a visually stunning side table or find a sofa that incorporates bamboo components. From the drapery rods to the curtains themselves, bamboo is an incredibly versatile material that is showing up in unexpected places. It can be found in everything from floor mats and rugs, to bed linens and bathroom towels. The possibilities for incorporating bamboo into your home’s design are endless!

Stunning tables all in Bamboo! Source: BambooGems by Culin and Colella

From fashionable fabrics to convertible furniture, bamboo maintains style, function and comfort in every room of your home-even the baby’s. Naturally hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial, bamboo has also made it’s way to the wish-lists of many mothers-to-be. With more parents becoming concerned about the environment they bring baby into contact with, furniture companies are taking notice. Formaldehyde-free, eco-friendly construction go hand in hand with today’s bamboo baby furniture!

From nature to the nursery- a bamboo crib Source: Piccolo Furniture

Whether you’re warm and traditional, cool and contemporary, modern and minimalistic; bamboo blends phenomenally with every style. With exotic textures, endless colors, patterns, options and stains to chose from, where does one begin to select the perfect flooring and furnishings? Whether you are looking to totally transform your home or simply need help finding the right combination of bamboo for your home, the interior design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. can help. We offer complimentary in-studio consultations by appointment. Simply call or fill out the contact us form to schedule a time!

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