In recent weeks I visited the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA and had such an incredible time looking at all the wonderful products and ideas that are out there for today’s interiors. I returned home to Kansas City thinking a great deal about the bathroom design trends that I saw. While I’m personally more of a shower than a bath person, I found myself absolutely enchanted by the remarkable variety of freestanding tubs on the market.

Cutting edge bathtub designs are taking the ritual of cleansing to a high-end level of architectural beauty.  Freestanding baths provide a luxurious stage for inspired design while making the comforts of a lavish spa part of our daily lives. Hey, Kansas City! Are you ready to get bath inspired? Read on, my friends:

I love freestanding tubs because they are ideal for every design style. Freestanding baths give enormous scope for creativity and inspired design in a bathroom. That being said, white tubs don’t have to be bland. Today’s bathtubs have a lot to offer in terms of unique shapes and style. Paired with customized hardware and accessories, these tubs definitely make a statement.

Regardless of size, style or design, bathtubs are often the focal point in bathrooms. Why not make your bathtub an actual centerpiece? If you have the space, it’s a beautiful and functional way to make a statement.

Is space at a premium in your bathroom? Working with a small space can definitely be challenging but with good space planning and a little creativity, you can still have a bathroom you’ll love! You don’t have to have an enormous space to have an incredible bath.

Is a little bling more your thing?  No worries- these two breathtaking beauties go beyond the neutral white tub and straight into becoming works of art.

Technology, creativity and artistry are washing away the years we’ve spent showering in a bathtub and bathing in a box. Most of the freestanding soaking tubs I am sharing with you are fully customizable, from colors and materials to sizes and depths. Interested in incorporating a bath into your master suite? You can check out our bathroom remodeling and design portfolio for some ideas or come see us so we can help you create your perfect vision! We offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations and can help you plan your next decorating or remodeling project.  What are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to get started on your home improvement and interior design projects!  We can help you with all of your interior design, remodeling and restyling projects throughout the Greater Kansas City area.

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