It’s all around us this time of year – storage solutions. You have probably noticed the clear, plastic bins featured at your local store. TV shows have been discussing the new organizing trends and magazines are hosting contests on de-cluttering. You are probably thinking of ways to make your 2013 a little bit more streamline and simple.

As an interior designer, I like to come up with creative ways to store the necessary without showcasing it. My first preference is to solve all the organizational challenges with furniture. I love pieces with many drawers and doors. From kids toys to extra electronics an out of site place keeps a room clean and clutter free. This beautiful piece is by Venegas and Company.

If you need a faster solution, there are many great looking storage bins available for purchase. Gone are the days with only a few options, today with the internet you can find bins in any shape and size, color or pattern. I enjoy the options that the Container Store offers.

I encourage you to use the expertise of the professionals. I enjoy learning the solutions that Real Simple magazine and Better Homes and Gardens magazine offer. Check out – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Organized and Room by Room Organization.

One of my interior design tricks is to use a tray to organize things like remote controls. If you need to clean a surface of a desk, dining room table or coffee table a tray can be a handy and beautiful way to quickly move items around. I love how there is a website for everything these days, we found these trays at – you guessed it,

Here at Design Connection, Inc. we say that interior design is problem solving done beautifully. Storage is a reality and should be accommodated with more thought than wire shelves and a junk drawer. If you need some professional help with your home give us a call. We offer complimentary in-studioconsultations by appointment and invite you to contact us anytime by phone 913-210-0511.