Dear Arlene,

I recently stayed at a really nice hotel. When I returned home, instead of being happy to be back in my own bed, I longed for the calming retreat that my hotel room delivered. It was classy, it was comfortable and it was sexy. I want that! I’m not in the position to totally re-do my bedroom but it needs a change. Where do I start?


Bedroom Blues

Kansas City, KS

Dear Bedroom Blues,

You are not alone! When I meet with clients who want a change in their master bedroom designs, I almost always hear the words you used to describe your ideal bedroom: Calming, Retreat. There are some easy changes you can make that will bring the sexy back into your bedroom design and give you the level of comfort you desire without breaking your budget.

Say Goodbye to your 2-Ply Sheets

Don’t short sheet yourself when it comes to the comfort level of your linens. I know, I know, sheets can be expensive! Swaddling yourself in the comfort of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets should not be reserved for vacations at fancy hotels. If you need an excuse to pamper yourself, look at it this way; your bedding and linens are an investment. You use them every day and they have a long life expectancy. Just like you might pay a bit more for a pair of shoes that really deliver on comfort, the same should be done for your sheets. Splurge and sleep exquisitely!
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Re-Make Your Bed

Updating your bedding is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to breathe new life into an old bedroom design. If you find the endless colors, patterns, styles and brand choices to be a bit overwhelming, start with one of my favorite bedding suppliers, Eastern Accents. In addition to offering top quality and cutting edge bedding designs, they also suggest draperies, bed skirts and pillows that will coordinate with your selections. The end result is a well put together linen ensemble without the Bed-in-a-Bag look. For a timeless look that will last you through the years, choose a warm or neutral color that promotes the calming feeling you desire. You can always change up this look with throw pillows and other accessories that feature colors you love.

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Frame Your Space

Having a bedroom that looks comfortable is more than just having soft sheets and a beautiful bedspread. It has to exude comfort. Some of us, me included, have been guilty of totally going over-board in the pillow department. Sure, having 25 pillows on my bed was an open invitation to take the Nestea Plunge and dive right in after a long day, but when it came time to turn down the bed, removing all of those extra pillows was a chore, and so was storing them.  Luckily, upholstered and tufted headboards, which are increasing in popularity, gives the instant impression of comfort and luxury and eliminates the need for pillow excess. During my latest trip to the Laguna Design Center in California, the Veranda Upholstered Tufted Bed from Fremarc Designs caught my eye. It is simple, yet elegant, and lends the perfect amount of comfort without the need for extra pillows. If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own upholstered tufted bed from Eastern Accents.

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Set the Mood

Just like the lighting in your favorite hotel room, a great bedroom design usually features three sources of light; two reading lamps on either side of the bed and an overhead light. Evening candlelight is, hands down, the most romantic lighting for a bedroom, but it isn’t practical as the main lighting source. The goal is to make your bedroom look effortlessly sexy. By using a pink tinted light bulb in your reading lamps or one that is lower than 60-watts, you can mimic the romantic glow of candlelight without the fire hazard. Many times, updating one item, like light fixtures, could be exactly what your space is missing. For some design inspiration, check out the latest in lighting designs and trends here.

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Keep it Clean and Disconnect

Every time you walk into your master bedroom, you should have what I call “The Febreeze Moment”.  That’s when you open the door, take one step in; take a deep breath and say, “Ahhhhhh!” One way to achieve this is by keeping your safe haven clear of clutter. Life happens and life can be messy. Don’t let the unfinished events of the day follow you into your bedroom.  Clear the magazines and junk mail from your night stand and slide that basket of unfolded laundry out of sight and into the closet.  If you truly want to transform your bedroom into a calming  retreat, disconnect from your devices. Your bedroom is not your home office! Or, is it? We’ve got some great design ideas that will help you create a home office if you’re short on space.


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