Suite Dreams! Luxury Guest Bedrooms that inspire return visits!

Whether a bedroom has just been vacated with a kid in college or the guest room is still shared with the home office, every home needs a place to stash the overnight guests. Guest bedrooms are often the last room in the house to get any design attention but usually the first room that our guests judge! I’ve even heard my friends whisper that they’d rather stay at a hotel than the family member’s house they are about to go see!

So let’s see if we can put an end to this tragic and unspoken family discomfort with guest bedroom design tips…

Guest Bedrooms, because they aren’t used daily, don’t require as much furniture for storage. In my opinion, the most successful guest bedrooms have simple and limited furniture layouts.

Depending on the size of your bedroom, a bed with a headboard, two night stands, and one other piece- a chest, a chair or a even a bench is all a guest is ever going to need. The headboard is the most important piece in welcoming a guest. I love upholstered headboards in neutral colors but the headboard could also be a statement piece.

Beautiful and simple headboard profile from Hickory White
that is transitional and could be used will a wide range of
style. A headboard like this allows a statement to be made
with wallpaper, art or accent furniture.
This is a very different headboard profile from Hickory White. It has a romantic french feeling to it and will dictate the design style for the rest of the room.
This bedroom design by Janie K. Hirsh is a gorgeous example of a romantic french style bedroom with the headboard being a focal point.
This Beth Dotolo Bedroom Design is an elegant example of how a neutral upholstered headboard and limited furniture layout makes an elegant and welcoming bedroom.

After you’ve selected furniture, my next guest bedroom design tips are color and light. Guests don’t want to stay in dungeons. Natural light is best but any space that is well lit with soft light will be more inviting than darkness. Guest bedrooms can be excellent rooms to experiment with brighter paint colors that you are comfortable with in the rest of your house. Light enhances color so it is important to consider them both at the same time.This Design Connection project incorporates a green floral pattern with crisp transitional furniture and soft light. Bedding is from Z Gallery


Vibrant Blue brightens a guest’s stay in this luxury suite by Design Connection!
Matching lamps on the night stands are the easiest way to add extra light to the room. Here are a couple of lamps that we love.
Port 68 lamp. Design Connection is a registered dealer of Port 68 furniture
Lastly, nothing makes a guest feel more welcome than the best of hotel accommodations in the comfort of a real home.
According to HGTV, here are 5 tips to prepare a guest bedroom for a guest:

Preparing a stylish guest suite is a snap with inspiration from 5-star hotels and these five tips:

1. Create an environment that promotes a great night’s sleep. Make the bed super comfy by adding a thick duvet and lots of fluffy pillows. High thread-count, 100 percent cotton sheets are also a must.

2. Stock the guest room with magazines and books, and put together a snack tray or basket filled with light snacks and bottled water.

3. Lay out bathrobes and place rolled bath towels at the foot of the bed in case your guests would like to freshen up upon arrival.

4. Hang a small mirror in the guest room to provide a spot for touching up makeup or putting on jewelry. A long dressing mirror is also a nice addition.

5. If your overnight guests are family or close friends, it’s always a nice touch to display photos of time spent together in the past; everyone enjoys a trip down memory lane.

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Guest gift trays are thoughtful, welcoming, and stylish. Here are some final ideas to make your family members want to return to your home year after year.
These 100% Turkish cotton robes from Red Envelope make great gifts Click Here >
Robes, soaps, towels, toiletries, chocolates and magazines are all appropriate.
This image is from a blog by Karen Davis read more here