Memorial Day has come and gone and here we are, already at the end of May. The countdown has begun. School is almost out. Pretty soon the kids are going to be home. A lot. Turn off the TV, dock the tablet and put the computer in sleep mode; It’s time for your kids to start helping out around the house.

Design Connection, Inc. is here to turn your summer to-do list into fun home decor creations your whole family can enjoy. It IS possible to incorporate creative outlets for the kids within your home’s design without sacrificing your grown-up style. Have fun with these kid-friendly design projects that you can proudly display in your home-beyond the refrigerator door.

Task #1: Paint a Room

Paint a wall that will give you the option of displaying different artwork on a daily basis with Magnetic Chalkboard Paint. What an incredible invention! You can paint an entire room, or just the pantry door. A sleek, clean black wall gives a space tons of visual interest, and so does a black wall filled with chalk drawings!

As if we need another reason to love Benjamin Moore Paint!

Task #2: Hang a New Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are beautiful, popular and in some cases, pricey. Make your own! I am an interior designer with a reputation in Kansas City for designing custom furniture and accessories. I am not known for my DIY skills. At ALL. I don’t believe I have ever uttered the words, “Make your own”.  With that said, I can’t wait to make one of these with my grandchildren this summer! Hopefully it will turn out as cute as the sunburst mirror pictured below. Check out for detailed instructions on how this mirror was made.

Poster board is the main ingredient in this sunburst mirror. The color options are endless!

Are your dining room walls hungry for accessories? Serve up some of your personal style with a sunburst mirror made from a small plate, a small mirror and random silverware.

A trip to the thrift store and a dollar or two is all you need to make a sunburst mirror that is spoon-beautiful. Photo Source: Pinterest

Task #3: Find a New Light Fixture

Or make one. This star lantern was made using paper lace doilies, a little bit of glue and a balloon. The instructions are detailed and patience is required but the end result is a fabulous creation the whole family can get their hands sticky with while making it together.

This paper mache-inspired lantern is a great design idea for the young adults in your life. Photo Source: Pinterest

This orb lantern is made entirely out of cupcake tins. With a lower level of difficulty than the star doily lantern, this is an ideal project for younger children and first-time DIY-ers. Like me.

For instructions on how to make this cupcake lantern, click on this pic from

Task #4: Buy a New Rug

Rugs are beautiful accessories that have the power to really bring a room together. When it comes to the kitchen floor and kid’s rooms, having a rug that can be tossed in the washing machine isn’t just ideal, it’s mandatory. Having a rug that was created with sheer love, creativity and determination from your young ones is priceless. All you need is a pile of old T-shirts and nimble fingers for braiding to keep your kids occupied for hours as they construct pieces that are fun and functional.

Raid your closet and upcycle those old T-shirts into a colorful braided rag rug. Photo Source: Etsy

Task #5: Hang Some Framed Art

I enjoy my kitchen clean and clutter free. I also enjoy artwork from all the little angels in my life. I’d rather not use my fridge as a place to paste my finger-painted masterpieces on, so when I saw these art frames from Dynamic Frames, I knew I hit the jackpot.

Hinged picture frames allow for artwork to be easily interchanged. These frames can also store about 50 pictures.

Every week I share interior designs that inspire me in the hopes of inspiring you, too. This week, I hope I have inspired you all to get creative, get messy and have an amazing time with your families creating designs for your home that can be enjoyed by all. Keep these ideas in your back pocket for a rainy day!

If you need any help with your decor or if you are looking for some interior design inspiration and ideas, feel free to stop by our design studio or give us a call at 913-210-0511. Design Connection offers free in-studio interior design consultations and we love to help our clients find ways to involve the whole family in the design process.