We all know that heat rises and in the summertime that can mean expensive AC bills to keep your home comfortable. By necessity, many of us have become more budget conscious and are looking for ways to save money and energy since they seem to go hand in hand. I was talking to a client the other day who has several large, sunny, floor to ceiling windows and she was saying how amazing the difference was once we added window treatments. She loved the added warmth it gave her room on the inside and the fact that it kept the hot sun on the outside. It’s easy to overlook your windows as a space where you can really make an impact on your energy bills AND your style which is why we are going to take a look at some hot trends that will help keep you cool as a cucumber!

Silky Splendor
Large grommets make these gorgeous panels slide easily to block the sun by day and look clean, modern and amazing by night.

Filtered Light
Taking a cue from the trend toward natural woods and textures, Hunter Douglas developed their Alustra line of window coverings to softly filter light. One extra feature I adore is that you can choose to have them motorized- no more pulling cables, which saves me energy so I can spend more time admiring the decor!

Let Light In
Keep UV Rays out and reduce heat transfer with a little technology in your window coverings. This isn’t your Grandma’s fabric!

So Chic!
Window treatments made with natural woods, reeds and materials are very popular right now. The natural textures age beautifully and add a natural warmth and organic feel to a room’s decor.

Bring the Drapes Outside!
Creating a cozy space and providing a little shade, outdoor draperies can lend your deck or patio an intimate air while providing practical protection from the hot sun.

Sweet and Simple
Honeycomb shades have come a long way and options abound in fabrics, level of opacity (and sun blocking) and wonderful combinations of sheer and opaque fabrics like in the picture above. With top down and bottom up options, you can control the view and the light.

In the past year many of my clients have made the shift from traditional two inch blinds towards a softer and more organic type of window covering like you see in the options above. Woven woods are hugely popular with varieties in bamboo, grasses and reeds helping people bring the organic textures from the outdoors in and making their spaces warm and inviting. Another trend I’m seeing is in light filtering with just enough covering the window for privacy but letting natural light in which reduces the need to use lighting during the day and early evening hours. All in all, window treatments can be such a great investment for you from both an energy and design perspective. We are spending more time at home so it’s important to make sure our spaces suit our lifestyles and budgets, right? Want to talk about window treatments? If you’re needing help, you know where to find me and the Design Connection, Inc. team. We are always willing to spend time listening and helping you with your interior design needs whatever they may be! Contact us today for a complimentary in-studio interior design consultation and let’s talk design!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: West Elm, Hunter Douglas, Smith and Noble, Pottery Barn and Kirsch.