As an Interior Designer in Kansas City, I have come across many faux pas when it comes to faux paint. The 90’s were filled with remodels where I covered up walls that once highlighted homeowners’ chunky-sponged Do-It-Yourself faux paint projects. Interior Design has come a long way since the 90’s, and so has the art form of faux painting.

It’s amazing the statement that a faux painted ceiling can make in a space, like in this master bedroom remodel from Design Connection, Inc. The client wanted something deep, rich and dramatic. The graduating colors in this faux painted ceiling is paired perfectly with the textured leather walls and silk tapestries. See Before & After pictures from this Design Connection, Inc. Project here.

Let’s talk TV. Is Law & Order the only drama your media room is seeing? The combination of lighting, woodwork and the faux painted ceiling transformed this would-be awesome Kansas City media room into a show-stopping theater. Gorgeous faux paint continues throughout this entire Design Connection, Inc. Lower Level Project.

Faux paint isn’t just for the walls and ceiling anymore. Although marble-faux painted columns and fireplaces are nothing new in interior design, faux painting laminate countertops to take on the appearance of granite is gaining in popularity.  Faux painting is an art form. Just because the craft store sells a DIY paint kit to transform your Formica countertops into a realistic granite-patterned masterpiece, it doesn’t mean that everyone possesses the talent to pull it off. Hiring a qualified faux painter is a lot cheaper than replacing your kitchen countertops!

This laminate countertop was faux painted to look like granite; the granite sample blocks were used for inspiration. Photo Source: Pinterest

When remodeling your kitchen, consider re-purposing, re-designing and recycling your cabinetry. It’s eco-friendly and extremely cost efficient! Your outdated cabinets can get a brand new look if they are placed in the hands of a talented designer. This kitchen remodel by Design Connection, Inc. hadn’t seen an update in over 20 years.  After the cabinets were sanded, they were redressed with a faux painting and glazing process. The Before & After pics are remarkable.

Faux Painted cabinetry is a custom design that is unique to each home.

Oven hoods can at times be overbearing if they are not blended well into the kitchen design. The scale size of this oven hood and it’s position in this space commands attention. The faux painting transformed this could-be eyesore to into a soft, unassuming focal point.

The solid surface countertops blend harmoniously with the texture and depth that faux painting brings to this space. Photo Source: Houzz

Design Connection, Inc. has even more examples of our designs that were beautified by faux paint in our Interior Design Portfolio.

If you are thinking about redesigning your space or if you could use some help with selecting a professional faux painter in Kansas City, contact the professionals at Design Connection, Inc. We offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations and can help you with your interior design, remodeling, revamping and restyling projects big and small throughout the Kansas City metro. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 913-210-0511 and let’s get started on your interior design project!