Have you always wanted a mudroom but don’t think you have the space? Think again! We’ve got some great mudroom design ideas and storage solutions for just about every floor plan and budget.

Mudrooms are high on the wish list for many homeowners. If you don’t have one, you want one; if you’ve got one, you love it! If you’re short on space, don’t worry! With a little imagination and some great space planning, we can turn your traditional entryway into an exceptional mudroom.

If you are truly short on space and if your front door is used as the main entrance by your family and pets, you’ll want to maintain a clean appearance and allow this space to flow with the rest of your floor plan and style. Creating a little nook with a lot of style and storage is key. If you have a habit of kicking off your shoes the moment you walk in the door, installing a bench will give you the perfect place to sit down and stash your shoes out of sight.

Front Entrance Mudroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Peggy Hull

If  you’ve got the square footage to work with, custom cabinetry will help define the space, provide extra storage and allow you to close the door on those bulky winter coats. In this design below, chalkboard paint was used to give each family member their own personal cabinet. This massive message board can help the family communicate by keeping schedules, reminders and shopping lists. We suggest using chalkboard pens instead of traditional chalk. No dust-no mess!

Front Entrance Mudroom Cabinets Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Colleen Knowles

Many times, a welcome mat or floor rug isn’t enough to the keep the muddy shoes and snowy boot tracks in check. For this reason, we recommend a no-slip tile or slate floors for high traffic entryways in lieu of hardwood floors.

Tile Floor Mudroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Blog
Photo Source: Wright Building Company

If you’re super tight on extra space, sometimes a few square inches is all you need! This smart design makes for great use of space, providing storage and seating in a high traffic area.

Understair Mudroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Colleen Shaut of Case Design

Enclosed porches are a great place for a mudroom. This once blank exterior wall was transformed into a functional and stylish makeshift mudroom. I love the shoe cubes in this design; perfect storage for everyone’s flip-flops in the summer and snow boots in the winter.

Enclosed Porch Mudroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Lane Builders

Laundry rooms also score high on many dream house wish-lists. For active families, combining the mudroom and laundry room is the ultimate in convenience and sanity-saving design. Children get messy. Children who play sports get dirty. How nice would it be for them walk in the door and drop their gear and dirty uniforms right by the washing machine? To come in after playing in the snow, jumping in mud puddles or swimming in the pool and NOT track evidence of their carefree fun all over the house? This mudroom/laundry room combo has it all: Individualized storage with tons of space, a wash basin, laundry center and a pocket door bathroom with shower.

Laundry Room Mudroom Combo Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: PC Designs

We share designs that inspire us in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to make the changes in your home that you dream of. If you need help making these changes come to life, contact the interior design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. for a complimentary design consultation.  From selecting the perfect light fixture to creating custom furniture and draperies to masterminding an entirely new floor plan, we do it all, big and small. Don’t let another year go by without the mudroom of your dreams! Contact us today!


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