Wallpaper isn’t just making a comeback. It IS back and it’s more durable, customizable and gorgeous than ever. From beautifying your bookshelves to taking the pain out of painting the exterior of your home, the Interior Designers with Kansas City’s Design Connection, Inc. are  here to introduce you to the Wonders of Modern Wallpaper.

Did you catch that? I said wallpapering the exterior of your home. Outdoor Wallpaper!? YES, it’s true! Wallpaper is no exception when it comes to the wonders of modern technology. This “Wooden” design from Wall & Decò is fade resistant and impervious to severe weather. Brilliant!

High-Tech outdoor wallpaper is the latest trend in interior design. And exterior design. Photo Source: Wall & Deco

Waterproof wallpaper has opened the door to a whole new world of interior design possibilities. If you can put wallpaper on the outside of your home, you can practically put it anywhere inside your home; places you would have never dared!

Years ago, wallpaper in the bathroom looked great for the first year or so, until the effects of too many steamy showers and bubble baths left us with bubbly, wrinkly walls. Now, with the technological advances made in wallpaper designs and applications, we can tastefully apply wallpaper to just about anything with a surface, right down to the shower walls. Design Connection, Inc. shared this bathroom in a recent blog about Powder Rooms. The silver metallic snakeskin wallpaper was such a hit with our readers, we thought we’d share it again.

The wallpaper in this Design Connection, Inc. Kansas City remodel brings texture and depth to a small space.

Wallpaper is a perfect solution for high traffic areas like bathrooms, stairways and hallways. Smudges, scuff marks and hand prints are inevitable, it seems, on walls that see a lot of action. While most wallpaper is easier to maintain than paint, Wall & Decò claims their waterproof wallpapers are easier to clean than granite!

Why paint the walls every few years when you can beautify your space with low maintenance wallpaper? Photo Source: Houzz

If you are looking to add a little edge to your entryway, wallpapering the stair risers is also a great design option. It allows your walls to be soaked with paint while providing a pop of pattern with each step. These serious gray walls and the two-toned wooden door are blended together perfectly by the contemporary wallpapered stair risers.

The geometric pattern of the wallpapered stairs create instant drama without being overwhelming. Photo Source: Houzz

A while back, we talked about how affordable custom made furniture and interior designs can be. Wallpaper is no exception! Companies like DesignYourWall.com make it possible to create your own wallpaper and murals. But if you are looking for something extra unique, wooden wallpaper is also an option. This beautiful real wood veneer wall covering is actually wallpaper! Micro-thin inlay of genuine Paulownia wood on a paper backing makes up this classic 6 inch herringbone pattern by Maya Romanoff.

Not only is this unique wallpaper by Maya Romanoff available in custom colors, it is seamless!

Patterned wallpaper can be dramatic and it has the reputation, at times, of exaggerating the statement you are trying to make. Balance is key to successfully incorporating wallpaper into your design. Would you dream of putting black wallpaper in your formal dining room? Design Connection, Inc. did. And it worked.

Bold and daring yet warm and inviting. This textured black wallpaper is elegantly warmed by the contrasting white and golden tones throughout this space by Design Connection, Inc.

It can be difficult to envision what your patterned wallpaper will look like from swatch-to-wall; that is where we come in. At Design Connection, Inc., our certified interior designers specialize in seeing the big picture. If you are thinking of incorporating wallpaper into your interior design or if you would like to update your home, stop by our studio for a complimentary design consultation. We have the knowledge and passion to turn your design dilemmas into the design of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Call us today!