Renewable resources are a hot topic in design these days which is why we are dedicating a series of articles to exploring options in green design. Our first installation is on flooring. One of the most dramatic ways to affect a room’s design is with flooring. In recent years flooring options have changed from the standards of wood, carpet and tile to include a variety of materials including cork. Now, most people think of cork as something they see on their bulletin board or perhaps with their favorite bottle of wine but the truth is that it’s a wonderful and versatile choice in flooring as well.

The Benefits

Beauty: Cork floors come in a variety of colors shapes and patterns from dramatic to subtle to compliment any style.

Health: The natural properties of cork make it resistant to insects, fire and mold resistant AND for all of you allergy sufferers out there, it’s naturally anti-allergenic. Cork is a great choice for flooring that is friendly for pets and babies!


Comfort: It’s soft. Because it’s structure is cellular and spongy, cork is very comfortable to walk and stand on. Think of it as a floor with shock absorbers. We were talking about floors on Twitter and someone shared that they put cork floors in their kitchen and loved it because it was so soft and comfortable to walk on! Another benefit is that cork helps to reduce noise and if you drop something on it, it’s less likely to shatter or break as it would on traditional hardwoods or tile flooring.

Environmentally Friendly: Unlike hardwood flooring, the cork tree is not cut down then replanted when the cork is harvested. There are strict regulations regarding cork harvesting and the health of the trees. The trees must be 25 years old and in good health and the bark that is harvested is gathered by hand and in cycles of once every 9 years. It is a flooring choice you can definitely feel good about with regard to how it will impact the environment. Expanko has a great video you can watch that shows how cork is harvested, CLICK HERE to view.

We love cork floors and invite you to participate and share with us your experience with cork floors and pictures too! If you’re looking to explore the world of flooring and are interested in cork, let us know. We’d love to help you make that Design Connection, Inc. and have a floor that is not only beautiful but one you can enjoy and appreciate for years to come!

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