Tile has a long history of providing beautiful home décor and limitless interior design options. It graces the floors in our bathrooms, it surrounds our showers and it marries our kitchen counters to the cabinets.  Tile design has grown so much throughout the years! It has expanded beyond the typical styles we’re accustomed to and it’s climbing the walls with a brand new approach to infusing your personal style within the design of your home.

Many design trends are just that. Trends. They come and go. One minute it’s the latest rage, the next minute it’s outdated. Mosaic tiles may have been re-introduced to the interior design world as a trend but they have proven otherwise with their unique and timeless designs.

Mosaic tile has taken the place of paint with this beautiful floor to ceiling fleur de lis pattern by Habachi Designs

Many times, when people hear the word “moasic” they hear “mural”. Mosaic tile doesn’t need to take up an entire wall in order to make a beautiful statement. Sometimes a punch of pattern and a slice of style is all that is needed to tie the colors of a space together.

This built-in shelf and center strip gives this tiled shower an extra bit of personality. Photo Source: Houzz

Many homeowners are chipping away at their old stone fireplace surrounds and adding their own flare with custom tile designs. Tile is more than just wall and floor coverings; it is an art form that is worthy of being on display! Not sure how to blend your gigantic flat screen TV into your interior design? Tile provides a gorgeous and artistic solution!

This tile design adds depth and beauty to the TV viewing space. Photo Source: Michael Laurenzano Photography

You really can’t go wrong with tile. For many of my Design Connection, Inc. clients here in Kansas City and Overland Park, choosing a tile design comes easier than deciding on a paint color. You can mix and blend many different colors and textures of tile together in the same space and it turns out beautifully. Two different types of tile can make a huge statement in a small space.

A mosaic tile pattern accent wall in the shower is a perfect place to express your passion for paisley prints. Photo Source:Houzz

Small spaces, like powder rooms, are a great place to be daring with design especially if going bold is out of your comfort zone. Allowing your tile to flow up and away from the average grid pattern will result in a custom design that is unique to your space.

This uncharted pattern grabs your attention while the warm tones maintain balance in this outstanding mosaic tile wall by Mercury Mosaics and Tile.

There are so many unbelievably beautiful tile options to choose from, how can one decide? As a Kansas City Interior Designer, my first instinct is to recommend that you seek design help from a professional who has a reputation for ‘seeing the big picture’. (If you live in Kansas City, you’re in luck; I can help!) If you decide to personally take on your next remodel and find yourself indecisive when it comes to making your color and tile selections, don’t panic. There is interior design inspiration all around us; draw from the designs that stand out to you and make it your own!

Indecision isn’t always a bad thing. If you can’t choose one, choose them all! Turett Collaborative Architect did just that when creating this colorful tile wall.

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