Las Vegas World Market – New Design Trends from the West Coast

In response to High Point Market on the east coast, the west coast hosts a semi-annual home furnishings trade show to show case new design trends with a focus on west coast style in Las Vegas, Nevada called Las Vegas Market. It is so important for me to attend because a lot of my clients are originally from different regions and want west coast influenced design incorporated into their decorating. As you know, I’m from LA originally and my design aesthetic reflects that which is why I love going to Las Vegas Market to see the latest trends.

So what is the latest in West Coast design trends? I saw a lot of contemporary pieces with streamlined linear profiles, brushed nickel and silver accents, a focus on mirrored furnishings, and lots of bright colors in fabric and accessories.

This sectional has a sleek and contemporary profile and is accompanied with bright accessories
Brushed Nickel and Silver accents
Gorgeous and versatile mirrored chest

and last but not least lots of vibrant, bright colors…

bright and bold orange and teals
playful and colorful fabric
Fresh and Fun Pink and Oranges
Look at this fabulous pink contemporary chair!

My trip to Market was fabulous. I love seeing the new trends and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my client’s design projects!