“I need a vacation.” I say that every time I’m on the last day of a vacation, or in this case, a long Holiday weekend. Vacations are NEVER long enough. EVER. As I sit back and relax on this unbelievably beautiful Labor Day, I think about all of us hard workin’ folk. We don’t take enough vacations. We don’t get enough R & R. Even when we have down time, we’re still connected. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a space in our home that we could go to, to just get away from it all? A secret spot?

It is right of passage as a child to build forts and to hide out in secret lairs. Even if it was just a couple of cardboard boxes pieced together with a blanket thrown in there somewhere, it was amazing. It was private and it was all yours. As adults, we still need that. We still need a place to retreat to; a sanctuary within our homes. You should have a place in your home that is yours. Keeping it a secret just makes it that much better!

Who would ever suspect a hidden room off of the kitchen?
No one! Photo Source: Jeffrey Lindgren

What is back there? A wine room? A luxurious sauna? A secret passage? Where does it lead? Only you (and the select few you choose to share it with) will ever know.  For many of us, when a moment of privacy is needed, we retreat to the most private place in the house. The bathroom. From sneaking in to take a noise-free phone call to stealing away for a hot bath or shower, a few moments of uninterrupted solidarity can work wonders for your body and mind.

When under the disguise of well blended interior design, pockets doors can keep your secret spa just that-a secret. Photo Source: Houzz

Some of us require a locked door and a bubble bath. Some of us equally benefit from a frosty cold adult beverage in a kid-free zone. If you’ve got the lower level space, own it. Make it yours. With the help of interior designers at Design Connection, Inc., this Kansas City family transformed their lower level into the cave of many a-man’s dreams. The pool and card table locations, home theater and men’s custom bathroom can be seen here.

This Design Connection, Inc. Lower Level is complete with a state-of-the-art home theatre.

So you want a basement bar? Why not have your very own speakeasy? Creative Home Engineering is my favorite go-to-guy when it comes to secret passageways, panic rooms, vaults and sliding door solutions. And now he will be my go-to-guy for all of my clients’ mechanical top-secret stairway needs.

This lower level is completely hidden by a remote control staircase. Photo Source: Houzz

If you long for a secret hideout but don’t think you’ve got the space, think again. If you’ve got a staircase, you’ve got secret space. It may not be enough room to host a house party in but it may be just enough space to host a happening party of one! The unused space under the staircase also works as a great location to bury your treasures and safely hide away Santa’s stash.

Creating a secret space under the stairs not only adds square footage to your home, it gives you a safe place to ride out scary storms. Photo Source: Houzz

Hidden rooms are a brilliant place to hide from intruders and can they provide a safe, secure place to store your valuables. A thief cannot steal what they cannot find! Thanks to in part to Scooby Doo, most people expect to twist a candlestick or pull the right book and the revolving bookcase will magically push open, whooshing you into a secret tunnel.  No one expects to have to physically pull open a secret door.

Concealed and accessible, this hidden room is the safest place in the house. Photo Source: Creative Home Engineering

I absolutely love my job! As a Kansas City interior designer, every day I create beautiful spaces that are reflective of each homeowner’s personal style. When that personal style involves hushed floor plans, hidden rooms and secret passages,  being involved in the design process is even more exciting! At Design Connection, Inc., we are brimming with ideas for your secret space. Stop by our studio for a complimentary design consultation. Shhhhhhh! It will be our little secret!