Let’s face it, there is only one of you on this earth, which makes you completely and utterly unique. So, why settle for mainstream when you can incorporate one-of-a-kind style choices into your home decor that reflect your personality? I come across so many interesting individuals in my work which is what makes it so fun to do. Getting to know people, finding ways to make their homes sync with their personalities and tastes is one of the things I enjoy most about interior design. There is nothing better than to have a client say how much the love the work you did or exclaim over accessories you found that seem to have been made especially for them! This week we’ll take things a little bit further and show you some ideas for the creating amazing spaces with uncommon elements that highlight your individuality.

If Walls Could Talk…

They would tell you it’s their turn to shine in your interior decor. Did you know you can design your own custom wall murals from scratch? You can go with a template where you simply pick a pattern and colors or completely design from the ground up if you are artistically gifted, better yet use a favorite photo for a larger than life wall that will make you smile!

Choose and customize a sofa, loveseat or chair from start to finish, hello personality!

A Neat Seat

Forget just choosing the fabric for your sofa and go for the whole design experience by choosing your wood finish, style, upholstery AND pillows. The result will be a combination that is completely YOU. Living Green has an easy to use customizing tool on their website where you can create your own furniture on the fly like I did with the sofas pictured above!

Creative patterns and colors come to life on custom lampshades and light fixtures!

Switch On Your Creativity

I love being able to design my own lighting and with companies like Lamps Plus, it’s easier than ever when you can pick your own light fixture, floor or table lamp and dress it up with a myriad of colors and tons of patterns. Serious fun to be had here (can’t you tell from the light fixtures and lamps I created above?!)

Custom wallpaper and accessories could be perfect for your home's interior

Wallpaper is NOT Dead

In fact, it’s alive and well and for your particularly creative souls, you can create your very own custom printed wallpaper online anymore. I am so impressed with the tools that are available to experiment with different looks and see results instantly. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun in one afternoon…

Soft wool rugs are perfect for your home decor in a pretty pattern you pick out

Cut a Rug!

Bet you had no idea you could have your very own custom wool rug hand-loomed to your specifications by Peruvian artists did you? You start out with a blank slate and add the design which is then created especially for you to showcase in your home. There won’t be another soul out there with the same rug that you have- AND as an added bonus you can even customize pillows to match. Now that’s divine design!

Serious style points for creating your personalized custom bedding

Beautiful Bedding

Inspire sweet dreams with bedding that screams with personality. I love the custom options from InMod where you can choose everything from the fabric (cotton, silk etc.) to the pattern to the color of the thread used for the embroidery. Plus, the prices are so reasonable for this level of customization!

Isn’t it amazing the level of customization you can get for everything you could possibly want from the floors to ceiling these days? I just love all the options that are available out there to really make a space go from ho-hum to simply brilliant. Self expression in interior design is key to making your home a place you can truly enjoy spending time in. By customizing pieces, you give them meaning and turn them into something truly special that goes beyond owning a one-of-a-kind item. Beyond the things I showcased here there are many more ways you can put your personal stamp on your decor with custom finishes, furniture, window treatments, artwork, accessories and more. If you need help, you know who to call! We have the resources you need to make your dreams a reality and can customize just about anything you can dream up. We love creating inspired spaces and can help make sure you end up with something that is as unique and as special as you are!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: TotallyCustomWallpaper.com, Living Green, Lamps Plus, Alluminare, Jonathan Adler and InMod.