It’s hard to believe that we are in the last days of summer. I have been invited into 2 homes in the last few weeks to deal with the pickled cabinets of the 1980’s. I have successfully stripped cabinets and faux painted them to a dark wood stain. The clients selected new tile, granite countertops, added new trim molding at the top of the cabinets and saved about $15,000 dollars or more.

My clients still had use of their kitchens while the process was going on. We can also add new appliances and fill in the spaces with additional wood fillers if the sizes are different. Many of my clients are not wanting to do the whole deal, but want a new look without the big mess and money outlay. I am an experienced, certified interior designer in the state of Kansas and am able to help my clients through this process.

Above you will see a before and to the right is an after of one of our clients kitchens.