No matter our relationship status, I think we can all agree that this day, The National Day of Love, should be spent by celebrating, not by fighting. Fighting your inner voice as you pay triple the price for an average bouquet of roses, fighting the frigid February winds as you venture out to your favorite restaurant, fighting your hungry stomach during the extended wait at said restaurant… Let’s celebrate the most romantic day of the year by staying home! As usual, the creative minds at Design Connection, Inc. are hard at work. This week we’re sharing some amazing ideas that will help make your Valentine’s Day exceptionally memorable by staying in, enjoying your home and celebrating your love.

When I say “Valentine’s Day” do you hear “Flowers and Chocolate? Sure, a heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates is a lovely gift. It was a lovely gift last year, and the year before that, and the year before that… Put a delicious spin on the common box of chocolates and splurge on a delectable treat from a local chocolatier.  We have many delicious choices in the Kansas City area. To name a few, there’s Panache on the Plaza, Annedore’s at 50th and State Line Road and my favorite, Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates in Downtown KC, MO. Mark your calendars; they fill Valentine orders and mail nationwide starting January 27th.

Who doesn’t love flowers? A bouquet of flowers is beautiful gesture, but we all know what happens to cut flowers. They don’t last. If you are looking to create a memorable and unique Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to think outside the heart-shaped box. Or you can just gift a heart-shaped box with succulents in place of the common long stemmed roses! Succulents are very low maintenance and can thrive in a variety of environments, like indoors during winter with very little sun. Be it hung on a wall, displayed on a countertop or hung on the door of a home office or bedroom, this versatile gift idea can be tastefully incorporated into the décor of just about any room in any home.

Reconnect with your partner this Valentine’s Day by surprising him or her with a massage. Are you not exactly known for your skills as a masseuse?  You can either impress your loved one by learning how to give an incredible massage or you can treat them to a local spa known for their great massages. Treat yourself, too, and splurge on a couple’s massage.

Are you thinking, “Eh, that’s not for me”? We know just the place that will take you out of your comfort zone and bring you into the comfort zone. Voted ‘Best of KC 2013’ by The Pitch,  The Spa at Briarcliff is an experience worthy of making my bucket list. Where else in Kansas City can you get a mind blowing massage and a stress melting sensory deprivation float?

What better way to celebrate a romantic night-in than with a romantic dinner that you did not have to slave over? Pick up the phone and place a take-out order from your favorite restaurant! Even sharing a delivered pizza can be romantic; lay a blanket in front of the fireplace and have a picnic right there in your living room. Don’t have a fireplace?  Illuminate your evening with candlelight. In our design studio, we have burned through many wicks trying to find that perfect candle. Our favorite, by far, is Lux Fragrances. With 90-108 hours of burn time, one luxurious candle will light up your romantic picnic dinners (and surprise massages) all year.

However you do decide to spend this holiday, be it watching a movie together to finding design inspiration for your new fireplace on Houzz, we wish you a day full of love and affection. From all of us at Design Connection, Inc., Happy Valentine’s Day!

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