At the end of last month, we posted a design trend preview blog post highlighting some of the notable upcoming trends we are seeing in the design world. Arlene had a successful trip to Las Vegas and here’s what she found out!

In the Trend Preview post, we highlighted three design trends; soft color palettes, textured casegoods, and simple silhouettes.

All three trends were found in casegoods this year. The overall geometric shapes are simplified, lighter colors of whites and ashen gray finishes are widely used, and the doors and drawer fronts have interesting textures and patterns to create visual interest!

white and gray furniutre

In the photo above, you will be able to see that the two bookcases on either side of the sideboard have a clean white finish with a very simple silhouette with no extra decorative elements. The sideboard in the center has the same white finish at the top and the bottom, along with textured drawer and door fronts in a blue-gray finish. Since the overall shape and the hardware used is minimal in design, the grooved texture adds visual interest and depth to the piece. If you have a statement piece in your dining room or your living room and are looking for something to use as a media console or a buffet, sideboards like the one shown in the photo above will be perfect! It’s minimal enough to blend in with what you have and won’t outshine your statement piece, but it has enough character and visual interest to enhance your space!

Design Trend 2018 furniture

All of the casegoods we’ve seen at Vegas Market this year show off simple lines and a touch of texture for graceful styling. Again, pairing with lighter colors and ashen gray finishes (mostly with brushed effect) is popular! Another trend to note here is that we are seeing more golds/brass finishes being used with wooden furniture as accent hardware and bases. It’s not as much as with plumbing and lighting fixtures, but gold is gradually being introduced to wooden furniture as well.

These latest trends in the design world are reinterpretations of the classic design elements with new color palettes and textures, which can be easily adapted into your existing style without a fuss. We hope you enjoyed the casegoods trend from Las Vegas Market. Check back with us for Las Vegas Market Recap Part 2, where we will showcase trends in lighting design!