Las Vegas and High Point markets are the perfect places to see which trends are the greatest and the newest trends and which are the tried-and-true trends. We are heading to Las Vegas Summer Market this coming weekend, and we wanted to highlight some of the more notable trends that we will be seeing at the market.


1. Softer Color Palettes

If you have been paying close attention to interior design trends within the last couple of years, you know that gray is a big deal. When the trend first started, the grays that were favored were in cool tones. The new trend is all about warm grays as well as earthy neutrals such as linens and creams. Softer hues of golds, pinks, and blues are typically coordinated to complement the warm neutrals. To add visual interest, drama, and depth, a couple of bold colors can be mixed in.

Check out this new color palette trend below!

Design Trend 2018
Photo Credit: CR Laine; Colors by Sherwin-Williams
Design Trend 2018
Photo Credit: CR Laine; Colors by Sherwin-Williams
Design Trend 2018
Photo Credit: CR Laine; Colors by Sherwin-Williams

2. Textured Casegoods

With upholstered furniture going softer in color and using subtle patterns rather than bold ones, casegoods (storage furniture such as nightstands, chest of drawers, armoire, etc.) are becoming more of statement pieces. New casegood products are now featuring bolder textures and patterns, while still using natural or gray-washed wood and painted finishes that coordinate with softer color palettes. Relating back to our last blog “Brass Doesn’t Mean Brassy,” we are also seeing more warmer metals being used as hardware as well.

Below are a couple of products we love found on Las Vegas Market’s Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Market Instagram; featuring Orient Express Furniture


Photo Credit: Las Vegas Market Instagram; featuring Greenington Bamboo

3. Simple Silhouettes

Furniture frames are becoming simpler in silhouettes. What you can expect to see is reinventing classic silhouettes, really limiting the curves and lines of each silhouette to showcase what we would call the “essence” of classic furniture silhouettes. These new silhouettes are also influenced by the Scandinavian mid-century modern designs that emphasize comfort and scale without forgetting about the aesthetics.

Check out some of these newer silhouettes below!

Photo Credit: CR Laine









Since the overall silhouettes are becoming simpler, furniture bases and legs are becoming elements of visual interest. When paired with the softer fabric colors and textures, natural finishes of wooden or brushed metal bases are contrasting, yet complementary.

These latest trends in the design world are reinterpretations of the classic design elements with new color palettes and textures, which can be easily adapted into your existing style without a fuss. We hope you enjoyed these three trend preview of what we’ll be seeing at Las Vegas Market. If you are curious for more trends, follow us on Instagram to see updates from the market. Stay tuned for more design blogs!