Last week, while I was visiting family in California, I took a day to visit the Pacific Design Center. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit these design centers. Imagine, 1,200,000 square feet dedicated to showcasing, anything and everything an interior designer needs. There are 130 showrooms with 2,100 interior product lines exclusive to the trade. Needless to say it was a great day with many finds that I can bring back to Kansas City.

I want to share some of the wall sconces that I found. A wall sconce is a light fixture that is attached to the wall, rather than hanging down from the ceiling. They are usually decorative in nature, but are also used to add mood lighting to a space. What I love about wall sconces is that they are three dimensional works of art. Take a look at these gorgeous sconces I fell in love with.

I call these two examples: a sliver of silver. When you need to bring in a pop of whimsical modern to your space, this is the wall sconce for you. Notice how the different shade sizes change the proportion of the light. The first one highlights the shape of the lamp, while the second one becomes more of a base for the light.

This example is a golden touch of elegance. This fixture makes a bold artistic statement and feels like it is floating instead of attached to the wall. It has good length, which creates a strong presence, but its soft elements keep it balanced. Notice how the shade is short but wide, the perfect cap for this work of art.

If your home is more traditional, you might prefer this sconce. It is a hand finished wrought iron that is simple but special. It has just the right amount of details to keep it interesting, but not overpower the wall. This would be a perfect choice when framing artwork, since it won’t compete with the art, rather enhance it.

And finally sometimes simple is best. When you just need a little bit of extra light, next to a nightstand, desk or reading area this would be a good choice. It would work well will all styles, from modern to traditional. Notice how this fixture comes off the wall more than the others, this brings the light closer to you for tasks such as reading.

There are many ways to bring more light into your home. Sconces are a beautiful option to bring attention to a certain area. They work well in hallways, on staircases, around fireplaces, and really anywhere else. The professional designers at Design Connection, Inc., can help you with all your lighting needs. We have long standing relationships with lighting vendors and we can make sure that your new lighting is not only beautiful, but also functional.