I sat and contemplated the other day how fast the summer seems to have just flown by. August is just around the corner and before you know it, we’ll be wearing our winter clothes to ward off the chill with the hot and humid days of a Kansas City summer fading into a distant memory! While I’m not particularly thrilled about how fast the summer has flown by, it does have me thinking already about the fall and current design projects on our plate that we’ll be wrapping up in time for the holidays. Of course that thought led me to thinking that given the heat we had this summer, perhaps we’ll get lots of cold and snow again this winter which means ultimately I will be spending a great deal of indoors. Being indoors in the winter can get old pretty fast so before you start staring at those walls and feeling like they are closing in on you, I came up with some fun ideas that you can implement now that will hopefully have you feeling cozy and not crazy this winter!

Flip The Switch!

Clever and quirky, these vinyls popped up recently on one of my web searches and I just loved the idea of doing interesting things to dress up what is probably the least interesting thing on your walls, your switches! While the designs above are obviously European, the possibilities are endless and you can count on these or your own custom designs becoming a conversation starter!

3-D tiles to dress up your walls from re:modern

Forget Stucco!

Unusual and practical- these dimensional wall tiles can give a room some serious “Wow!” Made from recycled paper you can install them easily and use them as either a decor element or permanently affix them to the walls to add visual interest or cover up flaws. They are paintable and come in a variety of textures. I just happen to love the unique look of the dimensional textures that are available and the fact that you can rotate them to create any variety of patterns.

A wall mirror from ZGallerie

Mirror, Mirror

You know I’ve always been a big fan of mirrors and so when I come across really unique ones like this one, it just makes my mind race as I try to think of where I can find another wall to add a bit of light and reflection. Mirrors always add visual interest and this one in particular seems to make me think of a dancing and almost liquid portal into the imagination!

Custom wall mural from Totally Custom Wallpaper

Immortalize The Family Vacation

I just love the idea of custom wall murals which I talked about in my blog last week. What a great way to take a favorite photo from that summer vacation and create a wall that can almost transport you back to your favorite place or a favorite time in your life!

Totally Unique Wall Sconce from Artisan Crafted Lighting

Light It Up!

I have a great love for lighting as it can make all the difference in the mood a room projects. There are some really amazing offerings now in wall sconces like the fun and funky one pictured above that turns your lighting essentials into brilliant bits of art!

SPI's renovated bathroom project with custom wall tile

Tile With a Twist

I love the idea of accent walls and this one is executed flawlessly in a bathroom renovation project from SPI that incorporates gorgeous custom tile as a focal point. You can incorporate something similar in your bath or even in other areas like your kitchen or entry! (just make sure you love it before you do it since it’s a bit more difficult to change than a mural or hanging a photo)

Now that you have some fun ideas to kick around before fall and winter arrive, what are you going to do to get your house ready for those cooped up winter months? I hope that you’ll give some thought to your walls and how you can make them more visually interesting than just a place to hang a photo or two. There is so much potential from color to texture and even depth that you can utilize to create accents and highlights throughout your home. I love seeing details like these going into homes, personalizing your space goes so far to giving you peace of mind and helping you to relax an unwind after a long workday or a stressful week. As always if you need help with your walls, the Design Connection, Inc. team is here to help you come up with great ideas, hunt down accents and help you transform your spaces into great places! Come say hi or contact us today for a complimentary in-studio consultation on your next interior design project in Kansas City. We would love to hear from you!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Behance, re:modern, ZGallerie, Totally Custom Wallpaper, Artisan Crafted Lighting and SPI/Ann Sachs Tile.