What Makes A Comfy Chair?

If I had to answer this question with one sentence I would say that – One Size Does Not Fit All!

There are many beautiful furniture options out there and many people have a love at first sight reaction, when they see a glossy example of the perfect room. It is my job as a professional interior designer to help guide you in making sure that perfect piece of furniture is also perfect for your body size. A petite woman will want a different seat height than a man of 6 feet.

When I begin to select the best chair for my clients, I think about the back height of the piece. Some people like to rest their head against the back of the chair, but it bothers others! If my clients have long legs, I will look for a higher seat height and depth. For shorter visitors the solution is simply a fabulous extra cushion behind ones back. Some like a firm seat while others like a gentle comfy sink. These are all questions that I ask and answer during the design process, before we commit to purchasing the perfect chair.

Furniture is an investment, and my clients trust me to guide them through the options, so that they can enjoy their comfy furniture for many years to come. Check out our portfolio to see examples our projects and the many great chairs I have provided along the way.