I love lamps in a room. We are moving away from the canned lighting in the ceiling and using decorative table lamps that have great style and unique sconces on the walls. Whether reading a book or watching television, lamps and lighting are necessities for a room, and why not make them beautiful? Even though lighting is not a dominant feature in a room, it makes a big statement. I am amazed when I put a great lamp in a room; it sets the style and mood for the space.

Lamps have become cleaner in style and we don’t see the beads and trim on the shades. They are using a gentle glaze and more unique styles in the design. I love the crystal or glass style lamps that are simple in style and have great shapes.

I have noticed that as our spaces become less cluttered the shapes of the lamps are more noticeable and certainly the style creates a different feeling. I make sure that as I select the style of furnishings for the spaces I design, I place the lamps and the style in the project books. It helps our clients understand the style and concept of the space we have designed. I have scanned a few lamps for you to understand what I am talking about.