If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to work from home, you know how important it is to have a space that feels good but also helps you to become more productive. Last week we talked about how to get the most out of designing a small desk and office space for folks who are a bit challenged in the square footage arena. This week we are taking another look at home offices but this time we’re looking at traditional ones, an entire room or space in your home that is dedicated office space where you are able to be productive and get your work done. Without further ado, let’s roll up our sleeves, get busy and see how we can motivate you to make your space work beautifully for you!

Everybody Gather ‘Round!
Need to have a group meeting in your home office space? Here’s a fun and functional self-contained conference table from Bernini Modern Classics. I love how sleek the lines are and how the chairs actually become part of the conference table when they are not in use!

Custom Bubble Chandelier from Artisan Crafted Lighting

Pretty Lights!
Everyone knows that lighting is key in a home office space. Create artistic ambience with the diffused light from this fun and functional bubble chandelier. Not only a beautiful centerpiece for your room, a gorgeous overhead light can make your office go instantly from dull to delightful plus soft lighting reduces glare on your computer monitor.

Blu Dot Bookshelf from Hive

Everything in its place
Nearly every home office has a collection of books and of course, like you, they need a good home. Bookshelves don’t have to be boring, which is why I love this box unit that gives so much space to display and organize the essentials and yet keep things looking quite spiffy! Bookshelves are also the perfect place to display awards, certificates and your beloved books.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Avalon desk from Horchow

Form + Function = FANTASTIC
You know how I love furniture that can serve multiple purposes, like this desk that doubles as a display or bookcase on the front. Such a practical use of space and I love the dark wood grain and spacious work area. If you are going to be spending some time there, might as well make sure your desk is one you’ll love!

From Steelcase, the Leap WorkLounge chair

Your Back Will Thank You
Proper seating is the best way to save your back from the long hours of sitting at your desk. There is an abundance of ergonomic designed chairs to choose from in the marketplace that make your back feel good and your office area look good.

Bamboo Chair Mat from Brookstone

Your Carpet Will Thank You
If your office is carpeted and you choose a rolling desk chair, you might want to consider putting down a floor mat. Gone are the days of the ugly vinyl mats- enter our friend bamboo! You can get these fabulous floor mats in a variety of colors from different vendors- there are some that are thicker and more rigid or you can buy the ones that roll up for easy shipping. Say hello to your new bamboo floor with a practical chair mat!

These are the basic building blocks you need to have a successful home office space. A comfortable place to sit, a large and adequate workspace, room to store reference items, lighting to see and possibly a space to hold meetings. There are many more things to consider from the color of the paint on the walls to the accessories and art you use to make the space feel welcoming, hide clutter and file paperwork. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to do another blog post to address the fun now that we have the function down! Are you ready to redo your home office? You know who to call for the latest trends, help with space planning and an eye for design… that’s right the team from Design Connection, Inc.! From bookshelves to brilliant lighting, once you make your home office space productive and and a pleasant space to spend time in, perhaps you’ll notice that you’re getting a lot more work done. Now that’s what I call a wonderful return on investment! If you are interested in a FREE in studio consultation, click here and request an appointment. We love hanging out with you online so if you have time, stop by and talk design with us on our Kansas City interior design pages on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear what you have to say about the wonderful world of interior design!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Ital Design Furniture, Artisan Crafted Lighting, Horchow, Hive, Frontgate, Steelcase and Brookstone.