As an interior designer in Kansas City, I have made many friends over the years. One friendship I’ve forged in particular is as solid as a rock. That’s because it is a rock. Granite Rock, to be exact.

Granite countertops grace the wish lists of nearly all of my clients and it’s incorporated into the majority of Design Connection, Inc.’s kitchen and bathroom remodels. Granite and I grow closer with every design project. We’re BFF’s.

Granite is a unique material that adds a distinctive sense of class to any space. Whatever your personal style, be it modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic and funky; the endless varieties of colors, patterns and characteristics make it possible for everyone to enjoy Granite in their home.

The appliances are tucked behind the seamless cabinetry, giving all the shining glory to the Black Galaxy Granite and stainless steel backsplash. Photo Source: Design Connection, Inc.

For being one of the strongest rocks on the planet, granite is incredibly versatile when it comes to interior design. It’s not just for kitchen counters anymore! If you can envision it, Design Connection, Inc. can create it.

Elegant, sophisticated and large enough to wash more than just your hands. Photo Source: Aphrodite Granite

Granite can be incorporated into every room, carved into just about any shape. Granite is a beautiful alternative when considering bathtub design. This bathtub was sculpted from a giant pebble shaped Granite piece from Bali. Like I said, if you can envision it, Design Connection, Inc. can create it!

The overhead chandelier shower head doesn’t allow for attached faucets to distract from the beauty of this Granite basin bathtub. Photo Source: Pinterest

Granite can be incorporated into your bathroom design far beyond the average sink or bathtub. Like it’s stronger sister, quartz, granite makes for luxurious bathtubs, fireplace surrounds and even flooring. Granite is also very easy to clean and maintain. An annual coat of sealer helps preserve your granite’s luster and maintains it’s resistances to moisture and stains.

This seamless design flows from the Granite floors to the sunken jetted bathtub to the Granite fireplace surround. Photo Source: Pinterest

By incorporating granite into your home’s design, be it kitchen countertops, a bathroom sink, or an entire floor, you are creating a lasting, beautiful centerpiece that will stand the test of time. Durable enough to hold up through life’s daily challenges and timeless enough to still be gorgeous and relevant decades later, regardless of whatever design trends that come and go.

Each slab of Granite is a magnificent work of art. Why not display it like one? Photo Source: Allied Stone

If granite and quartz just isn’t your style, fear not. We will be sharing alternative options for kitchen countertops and bathroom solutions over the next few weeks.

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