It’s no secret Granite is the most popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. For that reason, many homeowners are seeking other options when updating their spaces. Other options like Glass. You want me to put WHAT in my kitchen??!! That’s right. I want you to put Glass in your kitchen. Recycled glass, to be exact. Pour yourself a cold one and read on: 1,000 glass bottles of your favorite beverage can be recycled into one of these beautiful, durable countertops. Bottoms up!

Recycled glass countertops are surprisingly stronger than stone. They are also nonporous, scratch and heat resistant. Combine those priceless characteristisc with it’s versatile design options and you’ve got yourself a showstopping countertop unique to your personal style.

This glass top island by ThinkGlass! is paired perfectly with stone countertops.

Companies like ThinkGlass! have taken the idea of transparent glass countertops to a whole new level by combining their stunning pieces with LED back-lighting.  These countertops are completely customizable; from texture, shape and thickness right down to your color choice of back-lighting. Can’t commit to a color? No worries. Color wheels are also an option, controlled with a wireless remote, at that!

Now THAT’S a night-light! Photo Source: ThinkGlass!

A little paint goes a long way when it comes to designing your glass countertop. A solid color “back paint” on a glass top kitchen island blends beautifully with complimentary granite or quartz countertops; a custom painted glass countertop is a guaranteed way to showcase the colors you love in your kitchen.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Recycled Glass countertops are one of the greenest choices for your kitchen counters. Most recycled countertops are composed of at least 75% of post-consumer recycled content, which keeps material out of landfills. Because this material is made in America, the cost of transportation is drastically lower than that of Granite and the like.

Custom Design your countertop with the colors you love like these ideas from Vetrazzo. Photo Source: Pinterest

Pick your favorite colors and get creative with your secondary bathroom. This homeowner loved the color of the Skyy Vodka bottle so much that she had her bathroom counter made from it. She successfully incorporated her love of copper into this design, as well, with a floor made entirely out of pennies.

Keep in mind that Terrazzo-style counters are high-shine. Photo Source: Pinterest

When it comes to LED lighting, bathrooms are no exception. Downing Designs combined textured glass, seashells and concrete to create this beautiful floating sink. The Mother-of-Pearl and textured glass create rippling shadows when combined with flowing tap water and LEDs light embedded within the sink.

The plumbing, brackets and drains are well hidden within this Surf Sink by Downing Designs.

From granite look-a-likes to floating illuminating sinks, Recycled Glass is on the forefront of interior design. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath, or if you need assistance choosing the perfect countertop for your space, contact the professionals at Design Connection, Inc. We offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations and can help you with your interior design, remodeling, revamping and restyling projects big and small throughout the Kansas City metro. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 913-210-0511 or fill out our contact form and let’s get started on your interior design project.