Over the next few weeks, Design Connection, Inc. will help you explore your options and find the perfect countertop for your home with our 3-part series, “Your Kitchen Rocks”. With so many different materials available for kitchen and bathroom countertops, were does one begin? With Quartz, of course!

For years, Granite has maintained it’s status as “‘Most Popular Rock on the Block” by homeowners, builders and Interior Designers alike. This coveted title is may not belong to Granite for much longer, as Quartz is rapidly gaining popularity; and with good reason.

Design Connection, Inc. loves using family owned and operated Cambria when our interior designs call for Quartz. Although there are many types of Quartz available from all over the world, Cambria is the only Made in the USA manufacturer and supplier. Cambria Quartz is also lifetime guaranteed!

With over 100 designer colors to choose from finding the perfect Cambria Quartz for your space is guaranteed. Photo Source: Cambria USA

Cambria Quartz is essentially maintenance-free; it’s nonporous surface resists staining and prevents absorption of moisture and food materials. Surfaces like Granite are porous and vulnerable to absorption, which can harbor mold and harmful bacterias. Granite is also susceptible to staining if not maintained with yearly applications of sealers, conditioners and waxes.

There’s no crying over spilled milk, wine or coffee with this Cambria Quartz surface. Photo Source: Cambria USA

Because of Cambria’s nonporous qualities, Quartz is an ideal option when considering bathroom materials and design. The seamless design of an all-Quartz shower makes cleaning grout and tile a task of the past.

Water is all it takes to clean Quartz. No cleaners, no chemicals and no streaks! Photo Source: Cambria USA

Design Connection, Inc. snapped the photo below while visiting Cambria’s Palm Desert showroom. This bathroom design is a great example of the versatility and sustainability that Quartz possesses. The flooring, walls, bathtub, shower, bench and countertops are all made entirely from Cambria Quartz.

Endless color combinations and design possibilities make Cambria Quartz a unique alternative to Marble. Photo Source: Design Connection, Inc.

From contemporary to modern and everything in between, Cambria Quartz can be customized with any edge that you desire. Straight and moderns lines or rough and rustic, Quartz makes it possible to effortlessly blend different styles, colors and textures into your design.

Cambria Quartz is heat resistant; a fantastic option for fireplace surrounds. Photo Source: Cambria USA

If you are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, the professionals at Design Connection, Inc. are here to help. It’s what we do!

We carry the most up-to-date Cambria Quartz samples in our showroom.

If Quartz just isn’t your style, fear not. We will be sharing alternative options for kitchen countertops and bathroom solutions over the next few weeks.

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