One of the things I love about the holiday season is finding unique and easy ways to decorate my table and home! This season, I’ve picked my favorite ideas from Pinterest to share with you. From incorporating natural materials to using the pieces you have in fresh new ways, these decorations are super-simple to put together and add a festive note to your celebrations!

A Touch of Nature

Natural materials add a colorful, rustic feel to holiday décor. Layer a glass mason jar with Epsom salts, then add a second layer of fresh cranberries. Finish with a few sprigs of pine or holly. Alternate three or more with jars of candles nestled in Epsom salts in the center of your table – perfect for a cozy gathering of family and friends!


Planning a holiday open house? This idea is a total winner for the buffet table! Start with a rectangular serving tray in a holiday color – red, green, white, silver or gold are all good choices. Place votive candles along the center of the dish. You can use a variety of candle colors, and any type of votive holder. Add fresh cranberries to fill in around the votives, and finish with a sprig or two of fresh greenery. Sprinkle with a dash of artificial snow or powdered sugar.

Ladder with a (Re) Purpose

Yes, your ladder is a tree – it’s not just for home projects anymore! All that this fun and inexpensive idea takes is a standard step ladder and some of your existing tree decorations. String twinkly lights around the ladder, and use the light string to hang your decorations. It’s an eco-friendly, alternative Christmas tree!

A Tree for Budding Decorators

Children and grandchildren love to help decorate the tree – but maybe they’re not ready to handle those keepsake glass ornaments in your collection. Why not give them a tree of their own to decorate? You can buy a kit with a felt tree and detachable ornaments, or make one yourself. Trace and cut out a tree shape on green felt. Create the decorations – a treetop star, presents and ornaments – from brightly colored felt. Attach Velcro tape, and voila – a tree for the little ones!

Elegant Impact

Glass containers, bulbs and ribbon come together for maximum effect! Fill a glass container with different size glass  bulbs in the same color – gold, green or silver bulbs are a sophisticated choice. Wrap a coordinating satin ribbon around the base of the container. For added drama, display three containers of different heights together.

Best wishes for the holidays from all of us at Design Connection, Inc.  – and happy holiday decorating!