After a year of hard work and long hours, completed projects and esteemed awards, I had the Design Connection, Inc. team over to my house to celebrate at our annual Holiday party. A great time was had by all! Keep reading for pics and highlights from our Ho-Ho-Holiday Party!Arlene's Tree


Marley waited patiently for the party to start and kept watch over his “Crumb Patrol” post all evening.



It is so nice to get together with everyone and say a big “Thank You” to my dedicated team for another amazing year. Everyone brought delicious nibbles and bites; we exchanged recipes, poured lots of wine, cracked a lot of jokes, and had a jolly-good time.

Table Convo

My “hands-on” approach to getting things done was one of many humorous topics of conversation.

Arlene's Party

While quite a few of us were camera shy, most of our team smiled for the camera and posed for selfies.

Arlene and Dorota

Design Connection TeammatesBuzzard and Tommy


Cheers to an incredible year at Design Connection, Inc! Be sure to check back with us each week where we share our latest interior design projects, give design advice and share the latest and greatest design trends.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!