Every October I kiss Kansas City goodbye, hop on a plane to North Carolina and check myself in to High Point Market. Also known as Interior Designer’s Heaven. After a few days, one thousand  pictures and 10 million square feet later, I return home from the largest home furnishings trade show in the world, eager to share my findings.

Well, here we are two weeks later and I am still sitting on cloud nine, keeping secret all of the up-and-coming trends in home furnishings and décor! After pouring through thousands of new designs, accessories, trends and home furnishings, the interior design experts at Design Connection, Inc. have chosen some of our favorite pieces that were unveiled this season.  So sit back, relax and envision your home on the cutting edge of interior design.

The rising popularity of upholstered, linen and raffia covered pieces was evident at High Point this season and so were furnishings that feature nail-head embellishments. Combine these two elements and you’ve got great furniture design that hits the nail on the head!

Bold colors and large, bright patterns are also commanding attention this season. Daring designs that combine bright colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum  are causing designers to take notice. The CR Laine showrooms were so popular, I had to stand in line to take these pictures!

Brass, geometric shapes and honeycomb patterns have been popping up everywhere this past year. These emerging designs are a twist from norm with shiny golds and distorted shapes.

We have so many more designs from High Point Furniture Market that we have yet to share-Don’t miss out! Include yourself in our monthly newsletter and stop by our Pinterest page for even more pics of our favorite designs.

Remember, most of these designer show pieces are not available to the general public. If you see something you like, love or simply must have, the design experts at Design Connection, Inc. can make it happen!

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