Can you believe that we’re halfway through August already?! While Kansas City has been in Back-to-School-mode, we’ve had the pedal to the metal on our latest interior design projects, renovations and decor updates. Check out these Before and After pictures and learn how we completely transformed this Kansas City family’s kitchen!

Are the kids back to school? Before you start thinking about your future empty nest, consider the latest trend in the housing market. A full nest. A very full nest.

Five years ago, my clients’ adult children moved back home. While they had not anticipated their lives taking this unexpected turn, they are certainly not alone. For many reasons, unique and common (like mounting student loan debt and unbalanced ratios of income vs cost of living), young adults are moving back home in droves. What do you do when you’ve downsized to accommodate your new empty nest, only to have your birdies and grand-baby-birdies fly back home?

My clients’ existing home was not large enough to accommodate multiple families. After much consideration, they purchased a larger home. While their new home had the space they needed, there was one room that desperately needed a change. The kitchen. The kitchen had an incredible amount of space, but the layout made it difficult to navigate for any more than two people.

Kitchen BEFORE
Kitchen BEFORE

Over the next few years they had talked to many kitchen companies, but none seemed to provide a solution that made the best use of their space while keeping their costs low. As they decided to move on to decorating other areas in their home, they called me and my team at Design Connection, Inc. to assist with new furnishings for their great room. After much discussion about their needs, it was decided that the kitchen was the most important space to address.

One of the first steps in our design process is to determine not only what changes you would like to make, but how you currently use your space. How do you live and move throughout your home on a daily basis? What will your future needs be?

With insight into how this space will be used going forward, a new floor plan was created. As with all of our projects, from selecting new furnishings and accessories to kitchen remodels like this project, a space plan is created. This to-scale floor plan allows us to account for every inch of space and ensures that the new furnishings are sized perfectly for each unique space.

Space Plan Kitchen Remodel Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

Because this entire kitchen needed to be gutted and rebuilt, this was the perfect opportunity to give my clients their dream kitchen, with attention to even the smallest of details.


By creating an island that was attached to one wall, we were able to maximize their counter space and provide a prep sink, gas cook top, seating area with a large flat screen TV, as well as an abundance of storage.





This kitchen went from being a source of frustration to being the heart of the home; a gathering place that has proven perfect for their everyday life and entertaining both family and friends.

Before and After Kitchen 2016 Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

The new design included: New cabinets with soft closed drawers, appliances, lighted glass storage cabinets, countertops, sinks, plumbing fixtures, hardwood floors, plate racks, TV viewing area and island, painting, and project management.

If your kitchen isn’t living up to its full potential, there IS hope! Contact the interior design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. today and set an appointment for a complimentary in-studio design consultation!