This kitchen hearth room had not been updated in twenty years and our client was ready for the space to reflect her personal style. She worked with Design Connection, Inc. previously to transform her master bedroom suite and was now ready to address other areas of her home. We created a cohesive and contemporary design that carried from the kitchen into the hearth room and dining room. The client feels comfortable and happy in her gorgeous new space.

Design Connection, Inc. provided space planning, cabinet faux painting and glaze, furniture, window treatments, accessories, lighting, and area rugs.

Let’s face it, today’s fashion is not going to be the same in 5, 10, 20 years from now.  And with a family’s changing needs, an interior designer can be an invaluable asset to help you create that perfect space for your needs. Designers will work with you, taking into consideration your own personal tastes and lifestyle and can transform what was once a very fashionable space to an environment that truly expresses your own personal style.

Our first step is a space plan to help us analyze your space flow. We care about how you bring in the groceries, how you really use your dining room, and where is your favorite spot in the house, to sit and relax in. Designers have access to specialty products and services only offered to the design profession. Design Connection, Inc. has countless product lines to obtain extraordinary and exclusive products not available in retail stores and we can attain the perfect fabric, furniture pieces and other custom items you desire. Luckily, Arlene also works with the best vendors in Kansas City. On this project, we had the cabinets painted/faux finished for a much needed facelift!

Hiring an interior design is an investment that will pay you back ten-fold! An investment in time alone should be the selling point for most working adults. Life is busy. And time is worth money!  Arlene spends a couple weeks each year to travel all the way to High Point, NC to attend the biggest furniture market showrooms in the US, The High Point Market. With over 10 million square feet of exhibit space, it is a time for Arlene to hand-pick those unique pieces she brings back to families in Kansas City. Some of those chairs can be found in this home!

Sometimes, what you think are the simple decision are actually a lot more important than you think! Take window treatments for example. Some people think, “Well just hang a couple panels and that’s good enough.” But if you have several windows in your space, window panels are not going to make the lasting impression you want. With curtains, valances and cornices, this step could actually be the most overwhelming part. Arlene has access to just about everything and with a little customization, we can take a great fabric and tie your whole room or even whole house together.

So has it been awhile since your home was updated? Do you need a little, or a lot of help? Design Connection, Inc. is your answer to the professional difference in the creation of your beautiful and functional space. We will work with you to develop your custom style that reflects your personal taste. Let Design Connection, Inc. be your contact for space planning, cabinet faux painting and glaze, furniture, window treatments, accessories, lighting, area rugs and countless other design services.