Nothing creates visual appeal in a kitchen like a well-chosen countertop!

I love helping clients select countertop materials, colors and patterns. Whether you fall for granite, quartz or quartzite, your countertop choice should be based on your lifestyle.

Before we make a selection, I ask my clients about their lifestyle and countertop use.

  • Is your kitchen used daily by multiple people who prepare their own snacks or casual meals?
  • Are you or a family member an avid and frequent cook?
  • How much heat or moisture will your countertop need to withstand?
  • Are you willing and able to do the maintenance that your choice may require?

Project #1   A Passion for Granite

Granite is a naturally porous stone, and requires sealing to minimize etching and staining from heat and liquids. With this kitchen remodel, my client wanted to replace their plain white Corian countertops with a rich and interesting surface. After visiting the showroom, together we selected this extraordinary slab. The granite included areas of translucence, which adds to its unique beauty.

The result? An elegant kitchen that fits my client’s lifestyle.

Project #2:  Quartzite Love at First Sight

Quartzite is formed from sandstone which is hardened through the earth’s heat and pressure. There is often variation in quartzite slabs – some have a hardness similar to granite, while other slabs can be soft and porous. It’s important to know the difference before you fall in love with a beautiful piece that requires high maintenance.

For their dream kitchen, my clients were wowed by a spectacular and very porous quartzite slab. During the selection process, my team and I reviewed the challenges:

  • The fragile slab would be hard to cut.
  • It would be even more porous, because the clients wanted a satin-smooth, honed finish instead of a high-polish finish.
  • The quartzite could be easily stained by tea, wine or citrus, and would require sealant every year.

My clients still chose the slab – a stunning addition to the design concept!

Project #3  Durable Quartzite  

For this highly-used kitchen, my clients chose a durable quartzite that is stronger than granite.

Because they cook and eat at home frequently, these clients valued a non-porous and scratch-resistant material that can be cleaned with soap and water.

Project #4   Beautiful, Hard-Working Quartz  

Quartz slabs are human-made from natural quartz infused with resin. Quartz is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. Best of all, quartz doesn’t require high maintenance and it won’t stain – it’s impervious to spills such as wine and tomato sauce.

My client selected a beautiful slab of quartz that was perfect for this project. The large kitchen island became a focal point to showcase the gray-hued vein in this quartz.

Select the Slab, Not a Sample

Nothing takes the place of visiting a manufacturer’s showroom with an experienced interior designer and seeing the slab, with all of its patterns and color variations, with your own eyes. At Design Connection Inc., we guide our clients through their showroom visit. Our goal is the perfect countertop for your design style and lifestyle!

When you’re ready for a remodel, I can help you find the perfect design for your space and just the right touches to transform your home. It’s what I do, and I love what I do! Contact me to set up a consultation! Call me at (913) 851-8776 or email me at


Arlene Ladegaard