Becoming more green, by changing out your light bulbs, used to be a personal choice. But now with the Energy Independence and Security Act going into effect, we might be saying goodbye to the traditional incandescent bulb forever. If you want to learn more about the lighting legislation click here.

The good news is – you have many options at your disposal for replacements. The trickier news is – you need to know a bit more about light bulbs to make the right choice for your home. The bad news is – with longer lifespans, upfront costs are higher.

Two popular alternatives to incandescent bulbs are the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) and the LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

CFLs are 75% more efficient than a traditional light bulb and can last 8-10 years.

LEDs can be up to 85% more efficient and easily last decades. LEDs are the most popular choice right now, especially since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As a designer, I always start out with the feel I want to achieve in the room. Sometimes you want bright white lighting, other times you want cozy and warm. Home Depot has great, user friendly, tools online to help you navigate all your choices. You can go room by room and see three different mood options. What is also great about this tool, is that they address every type of light fixture, from down lights to sconces, and tell you which bulb is best for that fixture.

Click on the picture to use the Home Depot Lighting Tool

Good lighting is one of the upgrades we suggest to our older clients, who are interested in aging in place.  As people get older and their eye sight deteriorates, having more task lighting options makes life more comfortable. With a few smart updates we can add good lighting that fits into the style of your home.

Lamps are functional because, they emit the light we need for tasks, but they can also be an interior design accessory. Here is a great example of a Design Connection, Inc. project. This hearth room is really the heart of the home, because it is where the family gathers. We helped to create a cozy ambiance by mixing up the lighting – from floor lamps to table lamps combined with a fan and can lighting.

A Design Connection, Inc. Project

Since light bulbs have such long lifespans, I am now delivering light fixtures with the proper light bulbs already installed. As a professional designer, it is my job to think of all the details, so that you can enjoy your home. When I get a testimonial like the one below, I know that it’s the details that count.

Thanks to Arlene and her team for creating a beautiful master bedroom and bath. My husband and I feel like pampered guests in a five start hotel suite, but with our own personal touches! Arlene incorporated some existing elements to create a harmonious result in our home. The process was stress free and all the contractors were top notch professionals. –  Karen C 2012

Design Connection, Inc. can take a client’s project from concept, space planning and selections to complete design and remodel. Your end result will be both beautiful and functional. Take a moment to view our online portfolio to see our work. If you would like a complimentary in-studio consultation, you can meet our team and learn more about the process.