Arlene Ladegaard is honored to be featured in an article in the November 2012 edition of Johnson County Lifestyle Magazine. Here is a copy of the article!

Article written by Ann E. Butenas | Photography Christina Sandberg

While the work she does as a consummate interior designer speaks volumes about the passion Arlene Ladegaard has for her business, an in-depth dialogue with this highly-regarded and leading design professional reveals an even greater personality, one that exudes not only a gifted talent for her work but a compassionate heart for helping people.

Throughout her career, Ladegaard has proven to be a professional interior design force with which to be reckoned, honing her skills the old-fashioned way: building a resume upon many stepping stones that each afforded new and unique opportunities to fashion her skills, broaden her imagination, sharpen her focus and intensify her passion.

This Los Angeles native has the knowledge, skills and expertise that marry well with any interior design project she assumes. She possesses an innate talent for understanding what each client desires in terms of a project, whether a simple room change to a complete basement remodel or updated great room or bedroom.

The Design Connection, Inc. Ladegaard began her career by initially studying fashion design at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., but quickly discovered such a path was not to her liking.

“It just wasn’t for me,” she says, recalling how she returned back to the west coast, where life handed her a series of transforming events that ultimately led her to where she is today. This story, however, is less about her journey and more about how that journey has shaped a very successful business that caters to those who truly believe in making their home not just a showcase, but one that reflects their lifestyle and the ideal of making that house a home.

Her professional resume includes her education not only from Stephens College, but also from the University of Arizona in Tucson and at the University of California – Los Angeles. She also pursued studies in architecture in Paris and obtained the California Certification of Interior Design while living abroad. Ladegaard worked for 13 years in Santa Monica for a prestigious design firm before establishing her own design business in Calabasas, Calif.

While managing that flourishing endeavor, Ladegaard met her husband Ed. Shortly after they married, Ed’s career required a move away from California to Switzerland, which was where Ladegaard truly indulged her creativity and enthusiasm for her life’s work.

“We lived on Lake Geneva in the French-speaking part,” she smiles. “While there, I did both consulting and interior design work. We had the opportunity to travel Europe which really gave me more of a feeling and flavor for quality design and architecture.” The Ladegaards eventually relocated to the metro area 14 years ago, where they established a home in Leawood. Ladegaard initially began her business out of her home. After realizing substantial growth, she opened an office in Overland Park six years ago and has served more than 300 clients.

The beauty behind The Design Connection, Inc. is that Ladegaard and her experienced team, which includes a project manager and in-house architect, tie everything together in the office. They provide samples for everything right in their office, eliminating the need to drive the client all over town, wasting time and resources. Additionally, Ladegaard purchases her products direct, thereby passing the savings along to her clients. She also carries a wide variety of different manufacturers to appeal to all tastes and styles.

“Our role is to keep things efficient and to help our clients truly visualize what they want,” notes Ladegaard. “We space plan everything, no matter how small the project, from simply furniture arranging to a full-scale remodel. Everything is computerized and we have used the AutoCAD system for eight years. When everything is done on the computer, it greatly eliminates potential for error.”

To begin the design process, interested clients first come to the office for a complimentary consultation. From there, Ladegaard will then come out to the client’s home, bringing her office manager, Dana, who is also an interior designer with 30 years’ experience.

Once the client and Ladegaard decide to take on the project, the client provides a deposit; Ladegaard and her staff attend to the design and corresponding budget, develop a presentation book for the client, and are there every step of the way throughout the duration of the project.

“We are on site for every installation to ensure our products and designs are as we specified and our clients are getting the best we can offer,” notes Ladegaard.

Even though first impressions of Ladegaard are truly remarkable, it is the end result upon which she prides herself and which definitely speaks for itself in terms of the value she gives to her clients, as evidenced by the following satisfied customer:

“Arlene, you do spectacular work. The end result is stunning. You are definitely doing what you are called to do. Your passion, skill, and customer service are all rolled into one package,” Becky C. For more information on Design Connection, Inc. visit them at 10520 Barkley, Suite 140, Overland Park; call 913-210-0511, or go online at