As a Greater Kansas City interior designer, it is such an honor to be featured in the June 2013 publication of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine. The team at Design Connection, Inc. would like to share with our cover story with you.

It all started with just a bedspread.  When Lynn and Tom Hatfield got married five years ago, it was more than just a union of two hearts, but also a union of two homes, each built upon different tastes and styles. Merging two lifestyles under one roof provided for a rather eclectic theme. Lynn knew that if she truly wanted to make this house a home for the two of them, some interior changes would be in order. And had it not been for a worn and frayed bedspread, she may never have realized the true beauty that embraces her every day as she walks in the door.

“This was Tom’s home when we got married, and I knew I wanted to make it mine, as well,” says Lynn. “When I decided to replace the bedspread, I also knew I would want to replace the bathroom towels, and from there it just kept growing.”

It’s amazing how the desire to get a new bedspread and some updated bathroom towels can lead to a redesign of a home’s interior that not only captures the tastes, styles and personalities of the people who reside there, but that also captures the eyes and heart of those who visit.

This five-bedroom home just west of 70th Street and State Line boasts three of those bedrooms on the main floor, two of which have been turned into home offices. Lynn, a veterinarian, conducts business out of one and Tom, a realtor, works in the other. While each office bears a distinct reflection of the individuals who work there, the rest of the home shows true harmony with the successful marriage of design, taste and style as indicated by two unique personalities.

Under the direction of Arlene Ladegaard, owner and principal interior designer with Design Connection, Inc., the home was given an interior facelift worthy of grand applause. With her keen eye for details and the bigger picture, Ladegaard was able to effectively blend a cornucopia of styles and tastes for a final result that is truly a masterpiece.

Upon crossing the threshold into the foyer, you are welcomed by a warm and calming ambiance. The light marble floor is accented with dark gray grout and the walls, formerly covered with painted-over white grass cloth, have been covered in warm gray wallpaper. This look beautifully complements the mounted ceiling fixtures on the flushed ceiling overhead, providing a soft, warm touch of light to the entryway.

In the adjoining formal living room, plantation shutters adorn the windows and a host of recessed cans in the ceiling allow for a perfect union of natural and artificial lighting. Two lamps adorn end tables on either side of the couch. Large family portraits accent the wall, giving this room its formal presence while the calming neutral colors of the room offset any stuffiness.

“Arlene explained that you really don’t need something in every corner or on every wall, and the calming colors she brought to the project provide a great balance to each room,” notes Lynn.

A custom made rug of neutral, warm tones rests on the dark hard- wood floors and lends a simplistic elegance to the room. That same theme is carried over into the dining room, where a nearly 150-year-old dining room set that originally belonged to Tom’s great-grandparents, and has recently been refurbished, is the focal point of the room.

At the rear of the home is the family room, complete with an oversized couch that just begs you to nap and a few smaller pieces to offset the larger ones. Over the fireplace is a panoramic photo of a southwestern horizon. The formerly closed-off bar is now open and flushed, framed in mahogany tones.

The guest bath down the hall provides a lively mix of black, gold, silver, white and metallic colors that accent the room while the new self-cleaning air-tub provides an updated tone. This bathroom was completely gutted and replaced with new trim, flooring and fixtures. An old antique mirror that belonged to Lynn’s grandmother is the conversation piece of the room.

Adjacent to the guest bath is the master bedroom, a luxurious, yet homey, retreat. The room boasts crown molding, updated walls and carpeting and Roman shades to allow light in during the day and to close it out at night.

The old cracked travertine floor in the master bath has been replaced with porcelain tile outfitted with marble accents, all of which are set on the diagonal. Wooden shutters replaced the worn venetian blinds on the windows. The double vanity has exquisite chrome faucets and all of the drawers and doors throughout the bathroom have matching handles. The adjacent vanity area has loads of closet space and drawers, along with a built-in dressing table.

The large glass-enclosed shower is beautifully decorated with Italian marble. The emperador dark marble that comprises the bathroom counter and the dressing table also outlines the shower.

“This bathroom provides a highly decorative look without being overwhelming,” suggests Ladegaard. “This house is suited for what both she and Tom own, and a part of having those special things and accessories that don’t necessarily match the design and décor are what make a space a home and provide a story.” For more information on Design Connection, Inc., call 913-210-0511.

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