When designing, remodeling or updating your home, many homeowners are focused on important decisions, like, choosing paint colors or deciding between granite or quartz countertops. Most homes in the greater Kansas City area have basements, so the threat of tornadoes is usually an afterthought when making important design decisions.

That is, until this time of year, when tornadoes start popping up in our backyards.  It’s not until we hear the sirens and head down to the basement do we consider that the safest spot in the house may be no match for an F5 cyclone. So, what can an Average Joe like me do to keep my family safe during a tornado? It’s all about location, location, location. And interior design.

The safest place to be located in a tornado is underground. You have many options at the “ground level” if you are building a new house. I love this easy access idea that doubles as a storm shelter and hidden safe room, conveniently and inconspicuously located under the kitchen island.

For existing homes, an “in ground” or “in slab” storm shelter can easily be installed in your garage. Keep reading and we’ll point you in the direction of companies that service the Kansas City area.

In Ground Storm Shelter Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
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If you would rather excavate your lawn instead of your garage, the landscaping design options are endless with outdoor concrete shelters.

Exterior In Ground Storm Shelter Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
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The easiest and possibly the most cost efficient way to ensure your family’s safety during a storm is with an above ground steel safe room, which is bolted to the concrete foundation of your home. This is perfect for homes with no basement and for residents with limited mobility who would otherwise have difficulty reaching the basement in an emergency.

Storm Shelter TV Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
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Safe rooms can be installed in new construction or existing homes in garages, carports, patios or yards. For pricing ideas and advice on buying a tornado shelter check out Kansas City’s KMBC 9’s helpful article. Storm shelters have proven to remain grounded, intact and undamaged through F5 tornadoes.

From the Design Connection family to yours, we wish you a beautiful spring and uneventful tornado season. If you need help incorporating a safe room or storm shelter into your home’s interior design, you can call on us.

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