It’s time to get ready for outdoor living and here are a couple of design tips from us to help you enjoy your summer this year.

A back porch can be a wonderful extension of family life. Friday night barbeque’s in your outdoor kitchen can be a great way to unwind after the long work week. You can go as basic or grand with your outdoor kitchen. We can help you create an outdoor kitchen which will make throwing a party a breeze.

If your kitchen faces your porch or deck, consider creating a pass through ledge that can serve as an extra drink station, or buffet counter. It also makes for easy cleanup!

Gathering around a porch table with some great fun lights will make wonderful memories. I like glass table top for outside, because they are very easy to clean! Consider creating the ambiance with a mix of lighting. Lanterns of all shapes and sizes are a popular accessory this year. Hanging lights are now available in a multitude of themes. And candlelight always creates a great movement of light. Pottery Barn has many inexpensive options.

Comfort is key! We can help ensure that your outdoor furniture is good quality and comfortable to your body scale. You can purchase the most beautiful furniture or the most expensive, but if it is not comfortable, you will never use it. That is just one of the benefits of using a professional interior designer; they help you find the perfect balance of beauty, price point and comfort.

Outdoor drapes can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. There are some great, ecofriendly and weather resistant fabrics available on the market today. We can create a great drapery shape for you, pick a fabric that works with your color scheme and get it installed for you.

A fire pit can be a fun element to gather around, even in the summer. The possibilities are endless in terms of design! Don’t limit yourself by installing the standard round stone pit. Get a professional to help you design it to your personality! Click here to check out cool fire pit designs.

If you have visions of spending long summer days on your porch with your family eating watermelon and just enjoying each other’s company, but your existing porch is nothing exciting, we can help. We see the porch as an extension of you home and we can help you create a space that will bring your family together!